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Eggslut, Local Food Truck Makes Good in Developing Multiple Locations

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On 4/4/2012 at 1:11 PM, 1000yregg said:

The next day, went on a mini food truck safari. Started at eggslut for breakfast and had "thee slut", a coddled egg served in a small jar over potato puree, with a side of toast. We then went to a park nearby Universal studios where trucks hang out. I had the loco moco and spam musubi at Aloha Fridays truck. It was cheap- $10 for the lot. I noticed that food trucks are cheaper in LA than in DC or Baltimore- what gives?

Sadly the truck is no more but there are several brick-and-mortar Eggslut locations now, with likely more to come. Here's a hunger-inducing photo essay from the LAist about their wares from the Grand Central Market location.


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