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City Kabob and Curry House - North Indian and Pakistani near Trinity Washington University, and in South Arlington

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They are on Amazon delivery, so I am a bit surprised the only mention is on a thread for another restaurant.  We ordered one of the spiciest chicken vindaloos I have ever eaten from here.  I like spicy food, normally food has to be pretty spicy for me to even register it- this was spicy.  Not bad at all.  We also got chicken kadai - which I really liked, it had a nice mix of chicken and veggies.  We got a side of spinach- fine not special, but I like a little more veg- and some veggie samosas, which were very large, and had a nice filling.  We also got some naan and kulcha- to be honest, I couldn't tell a difference and I think maybe we just got 3 naan, they weren't super light, more dense, but not bad.  They delivered via Amazon very quickly inside Arlington. I would order from them again.

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So we ordered again- Hubby got chicken saag which looked good, but I didn't try it.  I got the chicken kadai based on how much I liked it last time.  This time it was gloppy and oily.  We also ordered samosas chaat, which were spicier again than expected.  So not as good of an experience as last time.  Bread was the same as last time, although I could notice a slight difference between garlic kulcha and the naan of the pieces of garlic.  

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