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The Point Crab House - Chef-Owner Bobby Jones' Sail-Up Dining at Ferry Point Marina in Arnold

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After a spectacular sail last Friday we docked at Ferry Point Marina to explore their restaurant the Point Crab House.  At 3pm happy hour was booming as it was one of the first really nice days out and they open garage doors onto the water.

We each had a "Backyard Lemonade" to go as it was so crowded we decided to retreat back to the boat for snacks and return for dinner.  Drinks were really good and I can see why many folks were downing these as well as the many types of crushes they make.  At this time the parking lots was a zoo and a line was forming for the privilege of waiting to eat and drink.  Arriving by boat is much better.

We were seated outside for dinner and were entertained by folks thinking the pilings are optional to hit when docking their boat. Usually no boat damage but bruised egos from folks who should know better.  We each had Crab Cakes and they were spectacular.  All lump with no discernible filler.  I'm a crab cake lover and one was enough.  Certainly compares favorably to Cantlers and Mikes and I think the Point had the best crab cake.

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The Point Crab House
700 Mill Creek Rd.
Arnold, Maryland 21012

Last Saturday, given how it was still nice out, we decided to go to Annapolis to get some crabs {any jokes about Kay going to see her relatives or being a cannibal surely would never cross my mind!} We usually head to Harris Crab House, preferring it to Cantler's, but we didn't want to fight possible pre world series crowds. So with a little googling, we found Anna Spiegels recommendation of the Point. The drive was an hour from Annandale adjacent and the final bit of it thru rather plain & simple neighborhood that led to a slightly funky boatyard and marina that could have been the location of a low budget remake of The Birds {without the gas pumps}

We went in and were shown to a table on the deck overlooking the "Marina" with the under a roof bar to our left and several more tables, some occupied with families with many children to our right. Our waiter took our order: a dozen mediums for $55, fries $4, and maryland crab soup $7. I asked for mustard for the fries and was gifted a plastic squuze bottle of French's yellow mustard which was perfect given the setting.

The soup was hearty with lots of crab, a smattering of frozen veggies in a broth that seemed to be flavored with crab shell. Not great, but far better than it had to be. The fried were pretty mediocre but I will admit that they wound up gone, probably the birds!

The crabs came and they were definitely larger for mediums. They were loaded with the house old bay substitute which thankfully did not taste overly of celery salt. There was vinegar and spice mix on the side. A lot of the crabs were missing their claws but there was a positive pile of claws in the middle of the tray and I think we wound up to the positive on claw count.  I also think that we got 13 crabs to the dozen, either a happy accident or just miscounting. In any case, they were fat & heavy for their size indicating they were packed with meat.

The crabs were simply the sweetest hard crabs I have had, nicely steamed with all firm meat; nothing mushy or indicating any old crabs i the bunch.  We spent the next hour and a half happily malleting away and sucking every shred of crab we could find. Well we were that careful for at least the first 8 or 9 crabs until fullness and crab fatigue set in and we were not quite as thorough in our picking.  The best part was how easy the meat came out, especially as the crabs cooled.  The last were just above ambient temperature and their meat came out in large bits, very sweet and juicy.  A superb crab feast even if the dead crabs obviously ate most of our forgettable fries.  

To drink we enjoyed an unfiltered hefewetzen and an ipa from Jailbreak, which is probably my favorite Maryland brewery. All in, w/3 beers, sop and the defective french fries {they were self consuming I am sure} the bill was about $80.  The drive home was marred by an attempted try to visit city dock/old Annapolis which was just a lot of driving about looking for parking, a stop for desperately needed coffee at what was the worst Starbucks we ever encountered {Dunkin Donuts coffee cut with McD's and crankcase oil from a very poorly maintained pickup would have been better!}

We listened to the World Series game on our return drive, which was worse than the coffee. While we would also like to try Mike's, the Point is now our favorite crab house. 

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