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I spent many years every summer traveling to Ocean City, MD and surprised I had never tried a small place nearby I was staying called Crabcake Factory on 122nd St. From the outside it looks like a small neighborhood bar, not much to offer but ohhhh man! I had the best crab cakes I've had by far anywhere in the DMV and west coast! I had their signature 5oz crab cake with a side of fries and coleslaw. The crab cake was jumbo lumps held together with possibly a thin egg batter, there was ZERO fillers, just pure crab and old bay :) The coleslaw had a nice creamy crunch and the fries (I drenched with vinegar) added the perfect amount of acidity. Service was friendly, they were super busy with the Memorial day weekend crowd so it was fine if service was a little more slow. Overall highly recommended! 

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