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Spark - Chef Peter Prime's Caribbean-Inspired Smokehouse in Bloomingdale - Closing, Reopening, and Offering Monthly Tasting Menus Only, in Jan, 2019

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Spark is a restaurant located on the border of NE and NW DC.  I don't know what neighborhood it's in, but it's in a gentrifying neighborhood.  You have to hunt for street parking, which was plentiful at least in the morning, before the restaurant opened at 11 a.m.

I ordered some jerk brisket ($17) and some smoked bone marrow ($16).  I'm not sure how the brisket was "jerked," but it was moist and well seasoned (but definitely not spicy-hot).  It's a change of pace from Texas BBQ brisket (but not a superior product to Hill Country/Texas Jack).  

I don't know why I keep ordering bone marrow.  I've never been a fan of bone marrow, and I don't need the fat (it is 84% fat).  In this case,  an order consists of 3 halves of bones and 3 pieces of grilled bread.  Something to cut through the fat probably would've helped. 

I should've ordered some fried bread instead.  And I wish they have salt fish.



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This place is now awesome.  Today we had some luscious jerk brisket - super tender and moist.  The lacquered chicken was also amazing - crispy skin and moist meat (all dark), with a sweet Trini-Asian glaze.  The bacon was crispy, but the fry bread was not.  The fry breads were about 4 inches in diameter, comes with diced mango salad, curried chick peas, and diced cucumber salad, and a super spicy dip.  Lastly, we had an amazing tropical fruit platter for $16, comes with glazed banana, glazed grapefruit, strawberries, kiwi, grape, grilled pineapple, mango and apple slices.

On a Sunday morning at 11, only a few tables were occupied.  They truly deserve the Bib Gourmand (and puts Kwame's Kith and Kin to shame in terms of price and product).



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On 6/23/2018 at 4:36 PM, Ericandblueboy said:

Spark is a restaurant located on the border of NE and NW DC.  I don't know what neighborhood it's in, but it's in a gentrifying neighborhood.


Thanks for the info, review and pics. I need to get down there, have been craving Caribbean for ages with no vacation in sight. 

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I just got this unfortunate e-mail


The current Spark at 12 restaurant will close December 30, 2018 and reopen in January 2019 offering ticketed multi-course tasting dinners created by Executive Chef Peter Prime 4-6 times a month. This new venture will allow Chef Peter to continue to showcase his culinary talents while guests will be able to experience new and evolving menus and a more intimate chef’s table experience within the historic space. 

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