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Taco Zocalo (Was Tacos & More), Owner Chef Basir on Michael Faraday Drive in Reston

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Originally Chef Basir started the Chef on Wheels food truck in 2012 - last year he opened (brick and mortar) Tacos & More in an obscure location off Michael Faraday Drive in Reston.  Blink and you will miss it, but if you stop in, I am confident you will leave pleased.  In the last few weeks, we have indulged in (Tacos) steak, chicken, spicy spare rib, shrimp, fish, bbq brisket and their homemade salsa.  Check out the menu.  Everything is prepared to order, but they are relatively quick.  The place may seat 15-20 at small tables, but it is clean and bright.  If you try their hot sauce, it is on the hotter side of spicy.

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Hungry after a youth soccer game in Reston, and not knowing the area at all, we went to the closest high rated place that we found on Google Maps.  

Absolutely thrilled that led us to Taco Zocalo...we really, really enjoyed it. 

Starting with elotes, moving on to a bunch of different tacos, and finishing up with churros, we couldn't have been happier. 

The corn tortillas on the tacos were the best I've ever had, flavorful and crispy around the edges. The barbacoa taco was my favorite, but everything was very good. 

So happy we stumbled our way there!

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