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Dog Haus Biergarten Bethesda

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Went here with former co-workers to catch up. Kind of loud. You go up and order at the counter and they bring your food and drink to you - full bar. Lots of interesting choices for hot dogs and sausages and so on Pretty good 'Das Brat'is what I had along with some frites. Good stuff. It is not Hot Doug's of Chicago fame, but these are tasty. Lots of beers, too. I think they had about two dozen on tap.

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5 hours ago, DaveO said:


It was. This was a Thursday night around 6:30 and the bar was full, as were 80-90% of the tables. Our table was absorbed immediately with new people upon our departure. It is actually in a building that has had 12,345,657,981 restaurants before it, but this place might survive because sausage. Lol.

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Haven't been in the Dog Haus (though I'm familiar with concept ­čÖé) but I drive by a lot and there's usually a decent crowd inside. Most tables occupied, though it's a pretty small space.┬á

There are 3 biergartens in Bethesda now. And probably a half dozen other beer focused places, which seems like a lot for a compact satellite city. I'm not complaining. 

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