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Balthazar Bakery, Artisan Breads, Pastries, and Coffee - Production Facility in Englewood, NJ, Retail Bakery in SoHo

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On 12/20/2008 at 8:13 PM, jml3 said:

We have for a number of years on trips to NYC bought large sourdough or multi-grain boules from Balthazar Bakery in Soho, divided them into meal-size portions, and then put them into the freezer. They keep and defrost very well.

But we have not been able to get to Manhattan for over a year, and are running short of portions. Is there any reasonable substitute in the DC area?

On 12/21/2008 at 2:55 PM, mbucher said:

At retail it's tough....balthazar is by far my favorite restaurant/bakery. I feel your pain. They key is obviously "fresh" out of the oven all day long. balthazar's high volume forces them to have warm bread all day long. The closest i've come is the bread at Central and at whole foods farifax location only. Panorama bakers in VA makes all the variations. im fairly certain if you call them, you can make arrangements to pick some up. Also call balthazar, with a little begging they might ship it to you...

Have been stopping at the wholesale bakery for Balthazar located in Englewood NJ for 2 days.  Wonderful breads plus amazing tarts which might be more like spectacular toppings the likes of which I’ve never had.

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18 hours ago, Mark Slater said:

The bread at Central from Panorama in Alexandria is called "Palladin Loaf". It was originally made by Mark Furstenberg at the original Marvelous Market, now it is made by Loic at Panorama. 

On a cold wet windy day a long line of cars is waiting for a few parking spaces on an industrial road at the wholesale bakery for Balthazar in Englewood NJ; a modern ironic twist on the term “bread line”.  

The breads pastry’s and coffee are worth it.  Had a helluva chocolate babka.

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I'm a big fan of bakeries, baked goods, the working environment where these wonders are created and the working people who enable us to taste these delicacies.  Some more photos from the Balthazar bakery in Northern NJ


and thanks to all the bakery delivery people in the world, including these who drive and deliver for Balthazar


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