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L'Amorosa, Chef Andy Needham's Italian at Southwest Ravenscourt Park in Hammersmith

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I can chime in with a review here.  We enjoyed a takeout dinner from L'Amorosa last night - just before lockdown begins and all the restaurants shut down.  The food was quite nice and very reasonable to the wallet.  We split the burrata with delicata squash and tomato appetizer.  My wife didn't love the delicata (she's not big on any squash or zucchini) but we both agreed it was probably the best burrata we had ever had.  I didn't think I would ever say that about burrata, which seems so simple.

The first pasta was agnolotti in a beef ragu, which Andy reviewed above - we both agreed with his review.  Very intense flavor and perfect for a fall night. We would have been better off with a red wine here.  Next pasta was an orecchiette with a delicata squash sauce, greens, a bit of chile and breadcrumbs.  This was good, but probably suffered the most from being takeout (and the second course).  The breadcrumbs were imperceptible and I would have loved a bit more chile flavor to kick it up.  The winner of the night was actually the entree - chicken with polenta, mushrooms and crisp prosciutto.  We got this one for our son - the blanditarian.  Not only did he scarf it down, but me and my wife were fighting for pieces of the chicken and even the sauce over the polenta.  That good.  Whatever chicken's he's nurturing in the back, I'm going to start stealing for myself.

Wrapped up with two tiramisu, which was definitely overkill, but hey - last dinner before lockdown.  All this came to less than £65 or about $85, so definitely a place I'll be revisiting.

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6 hours ago, Ericandblueboy said:

Did you self quarantine?  Kanye apparently didn't but he can just pay the fine.  I'm itching to travel, and I'm debating whether to ignore the quarantine requirement.

We did. 14 days in 900 sq ft. It sucked. Figured getting kicked out of the UK 2 months into a 5 year job wouldn’t be the smartest move. 

UK is in lockdown now so no reason to travel here. You couldn’t do anything anyway. I do think quarantines will move to 5-7 days plus a test, which may make the whole thing more doable. 

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