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Uptown Market - Market, Deli, Butcher, Fishmonger, and Wine Store in Van Ness - From the Owners of Butchers Alley and Pesca Deli

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Uptown Market opened this weekend in the large apartment building which houses Sfoglina in Van Ness (across the street from Bread Furst).  It takes over the Soapstone Market space.  Uptown Market is owned by the folks who run Butchers Alley and Pesca Deli in Bethesda. 

The new market underwent a very nice renovation.  Soapstone always looked rather slapped together and bare bones.  Uptown Market has a butcher (nice looking meat), a small fishmonger area (on offer was salmon, monk fish, swordfish, trout, as well as shrimp, calamari, clams, oysters, and mussels), a prepared food section with salads and sandwiches, and hot food with pizza.  There's a small produce section (not that impressive), and a varied selection of Spanish oriented goods (olive oil, canned fishes, sweets etc.).  They had not yet stocked the beer and wine sections.  

It fills a niche in the immediate Van Ness area - for higher end goods you usually need to go to Whole Foods or Rodman's.  Price wise, it is what you would expect from a small specialty market in an upscale area.  The seafood prices are Whole Foods level.  It's a place you can do some serious damage real quick.

We ordered a nice prepared wedge of Spanish tortilla (which was actually priced well at $5.50) and picked up some other tasty treats.

They were still working out the kinks and weren't fully stocked, but pretty good first impression. 

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