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Going out to SF and Napa and will  likely be back in May- this trip we have 2 1/2 days- 3 days in Napa, 2 days in SF. A shorter time in SF as we will likely be back in the Spring.

For SF I am having a big debate, there are just so many places I haven't been, and at this point I can't really remember all the places we have been.  Matt and I have been on a bend lately of preferring a little less big tasting menu, and a little more interesting and hole in the wall places.  But Matt would put up with one more fancy tasting menu format likely.  Matt would like to go to 21st Amendment at least to have a beer, and the Tonga room for a drink (no biggee as we are at Huntington).

Places we have liked before: Anchor and Hope, Spruce, San Sun Restaurant, Out the Door, some really good Ramen place in Japan Town, Nopa, Tacolicious, Chris Cosentino's previous restaurant- forget the name, Flour + Water... I can't remember if we went to SPQR or if I just liked their cookbook?

I was thinking of trying: Tsuta,  Chong Qing Xiao Mian or Hang Ah,  Farmhouse Kitchen Thai, and/or maybe an Italian like  Locanda (Delfina was on my list till I read about it being pretentious, that isn't our style)... Californios or Rooh also looked good.  And we have never been to La Taqueria... Thoughts?

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We were really impressed by Bar Crenn from a visit a year ago.  It's a la cart but the portions are small (kind of like Bar Mini but fancier), might have the tasting menu but maybe not really vibe that I think you're going for.  

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On 1/7/2020 at 11:48 PM, DonRocks said:

When are you going, and where are you staying? I've done this trip quite a bit, and I'm sure I can steer you right. Oenotri, for example.

I don't think Delfina is pretentious at all.

This weekend, staying at the Huntington Hotel (I love this hotel, they are normally great).  We used to go a lot, but haven't been back in a few years, we will be back in May too, which will be during our wedding anniversary. Splitting this trip with Napa.  Probably won't split the May trip, unless we REALLY love Napa. I grabbed a res at Rooh for one meal.  But give me recs for May!

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