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First Annual Food Network Awards


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I saw about the last half hour of this. I didn't think the Julia Child induction was all that interesting. Maybe the first part of the show was great, but I didn't think the part I saw was too compelling. I thought Emeril didn't look so good, like he was ill or something. I didn't recognize him at first.

I did, however, enjoy the diners, drive-ins, and dives show that came on right afterwards, so I'm glad I had Food Network on for the carryover. I didn't like that guy so much when he was striving to be the new food tv star, but I actually thought he was quite good on that. I'd heard people on rec.food.cooking talking about Al's in Minneapolis, and was really excited to see that profiled.

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While I didn't see the awards (or much of anything else on TFN lately), Bourdain took one for the team and his opinion is available here Ruhlman's Blog.

I didn't see that Julia Child was inducted into the "Food Hall of Fame". I guess having Rachel Ray induct her makes sense on a popularity level, and from a background standpoint, except Julia (1) was actually talented, and (2) went to culinary school.

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