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Dining in Little Mexico

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The owner of Moctec, the tortilla factory in Hyattsville, is of the opinion that Taqueria Tres Reyes is the only place in Little Mexico that's worth its salt. The two times I've been there, I've been a bit underwhelmed, however. But then, y'all know how I feel about La Sirenita. Todd Kliman obliquely referred to my critique in the last Washingtonian dining guide where a review of La Sirenita appeared. It sounds like a fun outing and enjoyable social event. As long as your expectations are moderate, as far as food quality goes, I'm sure you'll have a great time.

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Having just returned from several serious "roadhouses" in Southern California I can only second Zora's judgement and knowledge about Mexican or Mexican influenced food. I also am not a big fan of the Riverdale places. They are good-but they are NOT nearly as exceptional as others feel they are.

By the way, Zora, I toasted you on Saturday night in Venice...

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Is anything new cooking in Little Mexico these days? I haven't been there now in a couple of years, and I'd prefer not to just randomly drive around until I find someplace I haven't been.

Funny regarding all the back-and-forth we've had about the relative merits of Little Mexico - I was at a Tiny Mexican place in downtown Fairfield in Solano County, CA last week called Guadalajara Fruit Bar, and it had better Mexican food than just about anyplace in the DC area. It was a little dive, specializing in fruit smoothies, and had rudimentary Mexican food, and it wasn't someplace people would ever think to frequent except if they were locals.

The crowds at Taco Bamba in Falls Church - which would be a "good but not great" carryout in California - should be a strong indicator of the state of things.

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