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Jammin' Joe's BBQ - Joe Van Dyck's BBQ Stand in New Baltimore, VA on US Route 29 - Relocated to Colorado

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I stumbled upon this on a drive towards Warrenton along US-29. It's a little mobile stand, with smoke visibly rising from the steel pit. No indoor seating, you just walk up to the window and order.

I found a mini review in the Post from 2004:


There is no doubt that Jammin' Joe's BBQ cooks over a real wood fire: A steel pit is on the back end (or maybe that's the front end) of the mobile unit that is parked along Route 29 in the wide spot known as New Baltimore. On the other end of the trailer is a woodshed where a Jammin' Joe's "hooptie" girl takes your order. You can dine at the picnic tables at the adjacent Amish market. The pulled pork ($14.50 a pound) has a deep, smoky flavor and the characteristic pink color. It's good, but not great, though the sauce is. It manages to be sweet, hot and mild. The ribs have the same distinctive pink hue, are very meaty and have a nice, crusty outside. But they have been cooked too long. The coleslaw and potato salad are passable.

All I tried was the pulled pork sandwhich, no sides. I thought it was the best BBQ I've had anywhere in the DC area, and as good or better than what I was able to sample on a recent trip to South Carolina (where I had some very good BBQ).

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The portions at Jammin' Joe's are certainly generous, but somewhere along the way they figured out how to extract all semblance of flavor from the meat. The pulled pork was chewy, dry (and moist from the steam table), and completely void of anything resembling smoke. The ribs were undercooked, and shared much of the same qualities of the sandwich. I would like to say that the sweet tea was the highlight of the meal, but it was so warm that the ice stood little chance and it was all sweet no tea. Next time you are heading down 29 avoid being taken in by the sight of the big smokers.

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Jammin' Joes has moved to the Whittier neighborhood in Denver, at 2600 High Street in the former home of neighborhood fave Frank's Kitchen.

I have to admit I never went to the old stand even though my family's home is "just down the road) from there, so I can't tell from the pictures if it's the same guy (he's identified as Joe Van Dyke if that helps) but the "Appalachian style BBQ" that I seem to remember as his trademark before is still the prominent descriptor...and there are numerous references to him having moved from Virginia...

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