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Trattoria Nicola's, a Hot, French-Italian-English Chef at the Embassy Suites West End - Closed

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tongue.gif Has anyone ever eaten @ Trattoria Nicola's? On 1250 22nd Street NW?????? I was staying in the Embassy Suites for the week and had the pleasure of eating my way through the menu. Rustic Italian...mmmmmmm. I am quite familiar with good Italian food, having worked for some time for Chef Roberta Donna. Was wondering if anyone has also tried the restaurant. I hear it has only been open a few months but the service is outstanding and the Mother's Day menu (I had the halibut with lemon zest and rosemary crust on spinach in a lemon butter sauce) was simply amazing. Quite a nice wine selection too. They offer a lunch buffet that is by far the most gourmet buffet I have ever eaten. Plus it comes with a different "chef's special pasta" every day. WOW! I'm impressed!

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all I can offer on this place is that it used to be Pane Vino, and what I saw of it then wasn't anything to write home about.. I stopped in there once and interviewed for a hosting position- are they still owned by Restaurant Associates?

No, not at all. In fact Trattoria Nicola's has a sister restaurant based out of Dallas. My experience has been delicious and to me the restaurant is beautiful. The hot french-italian-english chef certainly helps! smile.gif

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So, this place has closed in the past month as they renovate Embassy Suites. It was a decent lunch buffet here, and a very comfortable and civilized atmosphere, but I won't get as excited about it as StephanieBartender did.

BTW, this is actually one of my favorite threads too of all time, nice balance of shameless promotion and sour grapes. And a mysterious French-Italian-English heartthrob chef, with a little Roberto Donna thrown in too!

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