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Tay Do, Vietnamese at 6793-C Saigon West in Eden Center - Closed

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Marty L. said:
Yup, on the Eden "exterior," the top choices are Huong Viet (remarkably consistent after all these years) and the new Tay Do. There are some gems in the "interior," as well -- not only for sit-down meals (e.g., Nha Trang, for rolls of ground pork wrapped in rice paper, minced crab soup, and roast quail), but also for, e.g., banh mi (e.g., Nhu Lan, at 6763 Wilson Blvd., #14). There's a lot of turnover inside, though, and not a lot of reliable reports on the web in English, so the interior can be hit-or-miss.

And Todd Kliman agrees with you about Tay Do. He mentions it in today's chat as having the best Pho currently.

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Note: Washingtonian has neither of those links to the May 29, 2007 chat - they're generally fairly good about archiving their older stories, but they appear to (at least) have changed the URL for this one - can anyone find it?

Regardless, Nhà Hàng ("Restaurant") Tay Do closed in the late aughts, and to the best of my memory was located at 6793-C Saigon West, on the far left. It became Anh Hong & Asian Spices, and is now called Eden Kitchen - there have been some interim restaurants along the way (I believe Dragon Star may have come before Tay Do), and I'm not sure I have all the locations right, but that's a pretty prime location within Eden Center. At one point, this corner location may have also been Viet Star.

If someone would please confirm what I wrote, or correct any mistakes I've made, it would be much appreciated - the information out there is very sketchy, and Eden Center has had a *lot* of turnover in the last 8-9 years, the online sources never kept up with it well, and it's all very confusing. Tyler Cowen shares my frustration with this oft-updated post from 2006 here.

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