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Little Apple Pastry Shop, Mother Margaret Hawes' and Daughter Kay Pitts' Fresh, Hand-Rolled Apple Pies in Aldie

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DonRocks said:
Has anyone been to Upper Crust lately? This used to be my favorite place in the DC area for breakfast sandwiches (bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant mmmm), then it declined in quality for awhile, then recovered a bit, and now?

It's not fully recovered. If I may make a suggestion, the next time you travel to Middleburg, stop in Aldie at the Little Apple Pastry Shop. It's just past the mill on your left, and the two women who run it are not strangers to butter and lard. Their pies are superb, and the country ham biscuits are the real thing. They are not cooking for tourists.

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I was looking back on the last post in the Dining thread that wasn't a closed restaurant and this was second to last, and I thought, "what! I have been here in the past year."  The ham biscuits here are so good, the biscuits are like little soft pillow biscuit clouds, in a good way.  I have never made biscuits at all like this, and would love to know what sort of recipe it is.  We got a pie and took it for dessert to a friend's house and we were not at all disappointed.  

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46 minutes ago, ulrath said:

Can confirm.  Their pie is is legit.  I'd tell you my favorite one but then there may not be one left for me.  

If you really want to blow your diet, get a pie from here then grab something from Arno's.

We have a nice little stretch of eateries from South Riding out to Aldie right on 50: Cerrito's Pupuseria and the Lopo's Seafood and Halal Guys food trucks in SR, Shiro and the new cheesesteak place in the BP near Stone Ridge, Hammerdown BBQ in Lenah, Arno's and the Pit Stop at Gilberts Corner, and then Little Apple and Brassica's in Aldie (which I need to check out).

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