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Peruvian Cuisine

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Anyone know of a good place? What about Inti in Dupont Circle? Are they worth the trip?

In DC proper, I like El Chalan on I St. Lots of World Bank folks filling the room whenever they're open.

In Rockville, I've been to Incas Empire on the Pike a couple of times, and it's good but not great.

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My mother is Peruvian, and we both like Granja De Oro in Falls Church and Pollos Inti in Sterling. Costa Verde in Arlington is well-regarded, but I have never been impressed with a meal there.

My mother and I had lunch today at Pollos Inti. I had the best fried plantains I've had all year, and I've had them in at least a dozen different places. The fried yuca were hot and crispy, and the papa a la huancaina was creamy and satisfying. With an Inca Kola, a salad, and a tamal salvadoreno, our whole meal came to less than $20.00.

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