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The Red Derby, Petworth

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Check out The Red Derby (newly open dive bar above Santa Rosa Seafood on 18th). You will smell like smoke, but if you plug in your iPod in and DJ for a while...and then play some pool.

Sounds like the Red Derby may be resurfacing up in Petworth. The beer list all cans, folks. And there are some good ones in there (Dale's Pale, Old Chub, Wittekerke, Baltika 5?!?...is that Brooklyn Lager in cans?). Looks like it's only a few blocks west from George Ave stop (and Temperance Hall).

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How have I never posted in this topic before? I love this place. We have spent tons of time here. It is 3 blocks from our house.

So, Friday, 4 of us headed out to return to our favorite beer dive. And it was lovely. Saw Sasha. Got hugs. Met Joe, a new bartender. Drank beer. Ate bar food. (Burgers for 3 of us, with fries. A brat and an order of tots for me.) Tried the "peanut butter whiskey," because it baffled all of us. And... it was good! Boy we didn't expect that! (even whiskey snob girl enjoyed it.) So for dessert we each had a can of Young's Double Chocolate Stout and a shot of the Sqrrl peanut butter whiskey.  Tasty. 

We were all traumatized to hear that Andre, our favorite bar manager/staffer, got a BAD case of covid very early in the pandemic. BUT, he has recovered, and while he is not back in person yet, he is doing stuff from home, and we are SOOOOOO glad that he is still with us.

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Thursday was Derby burger night for us. Ran into some neighborhood folks that we haven't seen since the pandemic started, people we used to see at Domku all the time. That was LOVELY!

The burgers and beer were also good. The service was excellent.  I know Sasha is having the same problems as everyone getting fully staffed, but everyone there is so good and they do keep up so well.

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