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Doner Bistro (Formerly Hamburg Doner), German Sausages in Leesburg and Frederick

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In other words, the Mighty Midget Kitchen is neither an idea nor a company; it's simply the little building, which will now be leased to Hamburg Doener, a very popular German chain.

A little birder just sent me the link to Hamburg Doener's website: Click

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The photos in the above link are especially interesting.

The best bratwurst I've ever had was not in Nurenberg where there are two 500+ year old restaurants famous for them but on the Monckeburgstrasse in Hamburg at one of two walk up stands. Doner stands are everywhere in Hamburg (and the rest of Germany), sort of the McDonald's of the infamous Reeperbahn, if you will. I've travelled in Germany an average of 15 or more days each year for many, many years. I cannot believe that I've never had a doner kebob there.

A shame those bratwurst and currywurst (and German mustard and rye buns) were so good or I might have tried one.

Still, Leesburg IS closer than Hamburg.

It's also going to depend on the bread as much as the meat...

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I could receive no happier news than the impending availability of currywurst within the city limits. Sure, Lyon Hall has it on their menu, but only to demonstrate that they have no idea what currywurst is.

Doner Bistro is open on Columbia Rd. in Adams Morgan, so the next time someone asks you about a Turkish-German wienerschnitzel doner kabob place with a good beer selection, you know where to direct them. Their website says they form the doner kabobs in house, rather than using any preprocessed meats, and I believe it. Of the four sandwiches we got, that was far and away the best, a good portion of very tasty meat (beef, I believe) stuffed into a hearty, crusty bread with salad and feta cheese. The bratwurst was a simple piece of sausage on the same bread, no dressing, mustard, or anything else on it. I think I was supposed to dress it myself, but I didn't realize that at the time and discovered it pretty naked when I opened the container at home. I've never had currywurst before, but their version is the same bratwurst sitting in what to me tasted like sweet jarred barbecue sauce. Not to my taste. Falafel was flavorful but dense.

They have a nice selection of German beers by the bottle, and 3 or 4 on draft.


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Tried the doner kabob again a few nights ago. Still definitely not processed, but this time the meat was really overcooked (like they pressed a lot of burnt ends onto the spit) and kind of unpleasant. Variability is the risk of anything "unprocessed", and one I gladly take, but I hope the quality of the meat returns to what I experienced a few months ago.

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I always made a habit of stopping in her on my way through Leesburg. Usually I do the donner and fries and leave happy. Coming back from PA yesterday I stopped in yesterday and got the bratwurst and fries to go. The brat was very dry and the fries, while cooked well, were so salty that they were near inedible.

Next time I pass through I think I will try the Cajun Experience instead.

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