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Birthday Dinner For Boyfriend on Thursday


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I have been a member here for a while now, but this is my first post.

Thursday is my boyfriend's birthday, and I have planned nothing! I swear I am a good girlfriend, I just kind of dropped the ball this time.

I would love suggestions for a great dinner (that will be possible to get into on Thursday) in a fun atmosphere in DC or Northern Virginia.

Sadly, I don't have a lot of spare cash, so as much as I would love to spend lots and lots of money on him, I think I could only really manage $125 for two (including wine).

We both like all kinds of food and have no allergies.

Any help is very much appreciated!

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I am not sure what a fun atmosphere means to the two of you, as it is different from one person to the next. But if you want a lively atmosphere you can try Zaytanya. For something a little more intimate try grabbing a seat at the bar at Corduroy, the price restrictions will limit your wine selection but you should be able to find something by the glass that will help.

My favorite time out with my wife recently was having cocktails at P/X and then downstairs for fish and chips, but the good news is that now you don't have to go downstairs they will bring it up to you, you can do something similar at New Heights.

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How about Majestic Cafe or Vermilion in Old Town or Tallula in Arlington? Both of the latter offer half pours of wines and have a variety of small plates or half sizes of entrees. You should be able to put together a nice meal for your budget (in a fun setting) at any of the three.

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Ok, he has decided he wants to keep it low-key.

So we are going to go to Eammon's and then to PX (providing I hear back from them about reservations). This will be our first time at both places, so it should be fun!

Thank you all for your great suggestions!

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