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Uncle Charlie's Backyard BBQ, Darnestown - Closed

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Local caterers Todd and Tracy are renovating the former BWB Express (formerly-formerly Adrian's Market) building in Darnestown as Uncle Charlie's Backyard BBQ, which I gather will put their current smoker rig into full-time operation. Lured by the smoke wafting out of the large pit-on-wheels occupying their front lot, I caught a couple minutes of Todd's time on my way home.

The restaurant menu isn't done yet, but will start with the items on their catering menu. Chicken is a big item for them, as is brisket, but he promises that they'll be offering both wet- and dry-rub pork ribs, and a St. Louis cut. Woods are mainly hickory, but also oak and cherry. I was a bit puzzled by his smoking times...12 hours for several of the items?

A vinyl banner went up a couple of weeks ago, but as of today they're still working on the inside infrastructure. They did have a private party last night, but opening day is expected in another 1 to 1.5 weeks (assuming the area doesn't get slammed with any more tree-shredding storms before then).

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They finally opened this past Saturday on a bare-bones basis while they continue their build-out: limited hours, very limited menu, cash only. Pork sandwich, $6. Babyback ribs: $11/half-rack, $20/whole. Beware the parking lot after hours; they've been chaining off both driveways and there's no sign or flag or rag tied to the chain. Last weekend they finally came up with one traffic cone for one of the driveways.

The effect of 12 hours of smoke (in one of two electric Southern Pride smokers) is that the initial slather of sauce on the ribs is completely caramelized and charred and full of smoke, and there isn't a bloody milligram of fat left in the meat. Nor any soft connective tissue left anywhere...not only does the meat fall off the ribs, but the membrane came off the meat and bones as a sheet. Yes, there's a smoke ring, but what's left is dry and chewy.

And smoky.

Gawd is it smoky. I wasn't sure I'd ever say this, but now I know the taste of too f*n much smoke. My head feels like the bowl of an unlit, well-seasoned hickory pipe; I've been chewing on maple sugar candies and knocking back Cheerwine, but to no avail. *cough* I've gotta go floss my tongue now, or something. :lol:

(ETA: for completeness' sake, the ribs are packaged in foil without added sauce. You also get a generous takeout tub of their tangy brown tomato-based 'que sauce on the side, and it's not bad by itself.)

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It's unclear whether the recent leasing company sign refers to the restaurant building, or to the small car garage at the rear of the parking lot (which does sport a different street address). But I'm inclined to interpret the complete absence of interior fixtures, the missing countertops, and walls stripped down to construction adhesive, as indications that they won't be back in the spring.

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The website also mentions catering, and that some of their items are available at Thyme Out in Rockville.

I did not know where else to post this, but I stopped by the Thyme Out location on Woodglen Drive and the place is cleared out. From the layer of dust visible on the inside, it looks to have been closed for a while.

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