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Enjera, Eritrean in Crystal City - Reopen at 549 23rd. St. S. in its own (and Tagolio's) Former Space

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I just dined at Enjera (http://www.enjerana.com/menu.html) on 23rd in Crystal City. I have no idea what the difference is between Ethiopian and Eterian is, but I found the food to be different from my usual neighborhood hangout, Lalibela II (which has turned into a huge Ethiopian disco Friday and Sat nights - traffic on Columbia Pike even gets backed up on occaision).

Some people have called it bland, but I thought it was a little subtler. There's this weird musky taste to Ethiopian (to my American palate), especially in the yellow lentils that wasn't present at the Enjera. The food overall was milder, and more savory (dear god, I fear the amount of butter I just ate). I think this would be a great starter restaurant to introduce someone to the cuisine of this part of Africa, then go in for the more extreme flavors elsewhere.

Plus, this restaurant is just small and lovely, with a nice balcony. Sadly, a lot of Ethiopian places tend to the dumpy and grimy. Plus, $2 beer!

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