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  1. Hi Kibbee Nayee. We turned off our lights at West Springfield on Jan. 12, 2019. Thank you and everyone who helped Monty's serve our wonderful community for the past seven years. Our decision to close was not taken lightly but the business was no longer sustainable (for personal as well as professional reasons). We are working on Phase II and will keep you posted with our progress. Once again, thank you, Don Rockwell, and the greater Springfield/Burke community and friends who supported us even before we officially opened in 2012.We will miss you greatly. Khash, Donna, Chef Marco, and the Monty's Ambassadors.
  2. You are absolutely correct. We started with "Baby" and converted to large Cap. The description is an oversight. I will speak to Chef Marco and go back to the original description. Also, you are most kind, both, in your honest review & for referring people to Monty's. Our offer stands and we welcome you & your husband anytime to try one of Chef Marco's off-menu specials. In fact, next time you decide to dine out and have a craving for a specific dish, please let me know and we will make an effort to include it on our specials menu for the evening. If you think this unusual, consider our philosophy; We exist because of our community AND some of the best ideas come from our supporters, not us. Happy 4th!!
  3. Thanks Mark. I understand and appreciate your comment. I didn't realize you are restaurant veteran. Would like to have the opportunity to meet you sometime. Thank you as well Don. DON: Please keep this video on this thread. It is an excellent piece. The video speaks directly to the "sliding scale" reference I made in an earlier post. As Jody inspects the hind quarter, she goes on to reject one of the Short Loins"”although marked "USDA PRIME""”and points out that when the hind is split, it was done so unevenly and would cause a problem during dry-aging. Also, toward the end of the video, Jody points to the difference in two Filet Mignon cuts and the exceptional marbling in one, and the ho-hum, mediocre marbling in the other"”both USDA PRIME. Although our process is not as elaborate as Peter Luger's, we face similar challenges at times.
  4. Hi JSnake & Mark Slater, JSnake, there are 4 categories of beef. Three are rated USDA: Prime, Choice or Select, while the lowest grade is not rated. Starting with the lowest grade (or non-grade), they are found mostly in pre-pared "warm & serve" type boxed goods at the grocery stores and many inexpensive (i.e. Chinese or Indian) restaurants. Moving up the chain, Select is the most common beef you might see at grocery stores' meat counter. Safeway Select, for instance, has changed its name & packaging to Rancher's Reserve to further disguise their USDA rating. They still may offer Choice, but with a substantial premium in price compared to their Select grades. These cuts hold true for most grocery stores. Costco offers some nice Choice grade cuts, and may offer Prime as well. Mark Slater: But, USDA grade alone does not provide adequate information as to which cut is better than another. Of course, marbling, fat trimming and other factors are important to the tenderness and appeal of steaks. But perhaps more important than Prime vs. Choice, however, is the age of the beef. Monty's serves free range beef between 9 to 16 months old. Indeed, the age of the cow is often more important than its USDA grade. As a point of reference, the non-graded beef I outlined earlier in this post are typically from cows that have been artificially impregnated repeatedly for milk for many years, typically 5. They are then sold as beef once they are no longer useful for their dairy use. As for the age old question of PRIME vs. CHOICE, we made a conscious decision early on to offer Upper Choice. Consider that each grade continues to have a sliding scale within its description. Prime at age 9 months, for instance, is likely far better tasting than Prime at the age of 3 years. So, Monty's decision to use Choice with the other parameters set such as age, we believe, make Monty's a unique independent restaurant not only for the greater 22152 neighborhood, but for the entire DMV as well. Of course, I'm a little biased. But in an honest way.
  5. Hi Ilaine. Thank you for trying Monty's. We appreciate all feedback--blogs, reviews, word-of-mouth or in person. Your's is among the best reviews I've read and we sincerely appreciate the honesty. Meh, is perhaps the most difficult characterization of a review we can reply. I say this because it seems as though we may have fallen short in the quality control process of final plates. You should expect from the Shrimp Cargot, for instance, a large Portabello mushroom with tender flesh, home to shrimp, sauteed in garlic butter & shallots and blanketed with Havarti horseradish cheese. From part of your description, the mushroom may have been overdone and should never have made it out of the kitchen. We will be sure to let the Chef & the servers know to avoid a repeat. As for the Rib-eye, you should expect a high degree of marbleing on our steaks as they are all Upper Choice grade. The only thing that comes to mind of your description is that you may have been served one of the end-cuts which is known to have less marbling. We age, cut & trim our own steaks to ensure complete control on the final product. These end-cuts, along those from our NY Strips, are used to ground our own burger beef from which we hand craft patties. Again, it appears that the cut you were served should have been more carefully inspected before hand. All that said, we may never equal, or come close, to your husband's cooking, but we sure would be honored to hold a distant second spot. We would welcome the opportunity to serve the two of you again so that you get a better experience of your selections. Send us an email to guest@montyssteakhouse.com to arrange and I will make a point of being there to say hello. Lastly, thank you again for the post. Insight such as yours allows us to prevent mistakes from recurring. Khash, Donna & Chef Marco
  6. Hi Don & Friends. Not sure where the rumor may have started, but as far as Monty's is concerned, the "why" could be because restaurant traffic has slowed significantly since Fall 2013. Also Monty's image as "high quality yet pocket book friendly" proposition has been gradually replaced with "Special Occasion" & "Pricey" tags. We have been addressing these issues, along with other hardships we've been dealt, and are seeing encouraging results trending upward. We anticipate improved business to continue through Spring and beyond. Perhaps your readers could help ensure Monty's success by visiting & sharing their experience with friends. Few would criticize Monty's menu when compared to other fine Steakhouse choices such as The Capital Grille, Palm, Del Frisco's, Morton's, Ruth's Chris, and yes, even second tier Steakhouse restaurants. Our quality ingredients & spectacular Chef Marco's creativity is second to no other concept--and we're right here in West Springfield!!! Indeed, other than Monty's, there are only 3 other restaurants in the DMV that serve Bone-in Filet Mignon (the other three are The Capital Grille, Palm & Del Frisco's). Rest assured, ours compares favorably with theirs, just much less expensive.
  7. Hi lonewolfclub. Thank you for visiting Monty's a second time, especially after the poor service you experienced on your first visit. Occasionally things go wrong and we are truly grateful when guests do not assume that below average food and/or service is the norm at Monty's. You mentioned in your post that your first experience was "horrendous" while your second was "better." Please be assured that every experience with Monty's you should expect "excellent". Or, as our slogan states, "Perfect." We are the first to admit that our service suffered for the past several months due to unexpected events that often cause irrecoverable damage to many who may suffer similar tragedy's. We, however, have been blessed to have survived....and I mean this on several levels which I cannot go into on this forum. Most importantly, a sincere thank you for returning. We would like to learn more of your experience for two reasons. One, so that we could understand what went wrong, and secondly to put in place fixes to prevent future mistakes. I look forward to hearing from you via email: guest@montyssteakhosue.com, and meeting you. Unrelated to Monty's, I would agree with your comment of Osteria Marzano. I took my family out to dinner there recently and was very impressed with the wonderful job they have done on all aspects of the restaurant; design, furniture selection, décor, food quality & presentation, etc. We have not only "liked" them on FB, but have them featured as one of five "Favorites" on our FB Home page. West Springfield +5 mile radius is better for having them in our neighborhood.
  8. "Time to take it up a notch" campaign...... A couple of images from our first tasting in year 2 of operations. Follow this link. Thank you. 703-942-8676 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.506610029392286.1073741828.237146756338616&type=1&notif_t=like
  9. Hello Everyone.... Thought you would like to know that Monty's Steakhouse turns one today, May 31, 2012. To celebrate, we have the following promotion through this weekend with our compliments: Cup of Lobster Bisque Soup during lunch A Surf & Turf Appetizer for dinner Hope you can join us. And, thank you for your comments & support. The following link is to an email we sent out this morning. http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=7da991646b3953bad53eba1bd&id=31e49a919e&e=42876428e4
  10. Don. I want to thank you again for the benefits you provide the community. I am happy to inform your members that we have taken advantage of your advertising offer and have started a new thread entitled, "Monty's Distinctive Catering." Hope you like it.
  11. The same great quality, fresh ingredients, unique menus, sensational presentations & exceptional value that has made Monty’s Steakhouse & Lounge of Springfield, VA a favorite among the community is now available anywhere you choose: Corporate Private Home Fund Raising Team Sports Houses of Worship Picnics, and much more Whether simple or elegant, drop-off to full service catering, and any combination that suits your event, Monty’s welcomes the opportunity to help ensure that your special event remains special for you & your guests to long remember. There is really no end to our creativity. Contact us by phone, 703-942-8676, or email, catering@montyssteakhouse.co... “We listen not to reply. We listen to understand before we reply.”–Monty’s
  12. Words & sentiments are sincere. You are providing a valuable service. With a fragmented audience and constant stimulation & distractions hitting us "at the speed of light", it takes time, repetition & persistence to get people's attention. Thanks Don.
  13. I would like to nominate Monty's Steakhouse & Lounge's Catering. We have been busy putting "meat on its bones" and thus catering while keeping a low profile. Beginning May 31, 2013 (our one year anniversary), Monty's Distinctive Catering arm will be in full swing. Thank you Don Rockwell for being such a valuable asset to so many people & businesses. We will begin the thread in the next few days. Please continue your fine work & support of our community!!
  14. Thanks for the post, mtureck. We are glad to know that you will be giving us a try soon. Kliman also had the following to say in the same chat that led up to the quote above: "As for two people having differing opinions on the place — why is that so surprising? Happens all the time in theater, with books, with music. So much, when it comes to food, has to do with expectations. If you read a review, and that review is positive, you come to that restaurant with vastly different expectations than a person who has never read a review. I came to Monty’s via a tip from a reader. That’s different from reading a review. And there are times, as well, when part of my excitement for a place has to do with a sense of discovery, of finding something good that hasn’t been unearthed previously. Of course, when I write that review, I automatically spoil that same sense of discovery for readers. They can’t have the same experience I had. Expectations are different." My favorite part is the bit about "sense of discovery." I know personally that when I discovered Ray's The Steaks, for example, based on a casual conversation--not any review I had read--I took at least 20 friends with me over time, and referred countless of others only because of my sense of discovery (and of course, the good food). And Ray's, to this day, remains one of my favorites.
  15. Thought you would like to read Todd Kliman's review. http://www.washingtonian.com/restaurantreviews/montys-old-meets-new.php
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