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  1. Any news on restaurants that are extending the deal past the 30th? I know that Grapeseed will offer their BCC RW menu through Saturday the 5th. JeffAlex
  2. I saw a notice that Black's is re-opening on June 19. As stated on another Web site: Black's Bar & Kitchen -- This Bethesda fine and fun dining mainstay reopens June 19 after a $2.5 million floor-to-ceiling makeover. Expect an innovative, funky, contemporary decor and Executive Chef Mallory Buford's Modern American menu rich with local flavor. There are lots of new design, menu and d├ęcor features. One in particular deserving of mention is the glass-enclosed, temperature controlled wine room holding up to 1,500 bottles in stainless steel racks with a total stock of 5,000+ bottles availabl
  3. I don't doubt this, and if Kliman were some newbie kid hired off the street, Head would have a good case. But Kliman clearly has the chops to be on the masthead, so I imagine that the net effect of this is to generate some lawyers' fees and possibly expose some of the "intrigue" in the leadership of Washingtonian. (Yawn). JA
  4. Updated to note that Grapeseed IS on the list--it's just not a BCC Chamber of Commerce member. The full list can be found at: BCC Restaurant Week Ad And you can also see a really cool geographic mapping tool showing the restaurants at: DowntownBethesda.com JA
  5. I agree about the pic--very enigmatic. And thanks also, Don, for the comments on Restaurant Week--very helpful. JA
  6. Yeah, the last one was very poorly marketed. I work in Bethesda and keep up with all the local events, and didn't hear about it until it was over. Maybe they should try to get the Bethesda Urban Partnership involved as well. BTW, I went to your restaurant for the first time last month with some clients, and had a very good lunch. Great place! JA
  7. Can't help you with the value of Zengo's Kobe beef, but my Japanese co-workers and I today were joking about the "Kobe beef" at Ye Olde Not-to-be-Named-Here Steakhouse and I can say that most Japanese expats in the DC area don't put any faith in any beef here that's marketed as "Kobe beef." Doesn't stop them from enjoying some nice Wagyu shabu-shabu, tho'. JA
  8. OK, speaking of omissions, here's one from another angle... Why are there NO restaurants in the guide which are located in Bethesda? I know he can't necessarily spread his reviews by geography, and he's trying to get the base of reviews to expand beyond the immediate Metro Washington area. I get it. But here is a neighborhood with one of the highest concentrations of restaurants in our region, which is frequented by many many people, and he can't give at least ONE recommendation of someplace that people may want to try there? I'm not saying that Bethesda deserves more coverage due to its
  9. I'd have to agree, that's pretty much the sum total on the subject! JeffAlex
  10. Seriously, since all I drank was one glass of the Pinot Grigio, I think that the missing $4.50 wasn't a big enough deal for me to wait for them to re-run my ticket. I made sure to tip more than the appropriate amount (thanks for all the guidance on that ), and I'd rather have that $ go to the wait staff than to the bar tab. Plus, the markup on what I paid at the bar before the meal was also hefty enough from my point of view. And yes, for the $130 or so I ended paying for dinner for two, I would have expected better. Like I said, I paid less and got a much more satisfying meal at Grapese
  11. As someone who was there last nite, I can see exactly what you mean. I'm probably a bit jaded, so I'm gonna pick the nits. I'll preface by saying that the food and presentation were, in general very very good...the presentation much more so than the food, however. Nit #1: The service. OK, so we were in the Laboratorio. The restaurant was not THAT crowded, at least when I peeked in on the way to the restroom. Can someone explain to me why it took nearly FOUR hours to serve three courses plus dessert? I know that they have to present each course in unison, but we didn't get the appetizer
  12. Natto roll? Blech. Please warn me not to be there when you walk in. JA
  13. I got a note that Clyde's has reopened, with a new upstairs bar...anyone hear anything more about their "new" building?
  14. Glad you had a good experience. I went there for a weekday lunch and had a really terrible crepe and only mediocre service. But that was about a year ago, so maybe they've shaped up since then.
  15. I have to say that my favorite for inexpensive sushi is still Hinata on St. Elmo, near Old Georgetown. The sushi chef and owner used to be the sushi chef for Tako Grill among other jobs. It's more of a straight Japanese market (carries mainly foodstuffs) with a small sushi bar and a couple of tables.
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