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  1. I watch and enjoy most of the cooking shows on DiscoveryHome and PBS. I think Food Network has really gone down hill. My favorite on DiscHome is Kylie Kwong (cooking, stories, and to-die-for accessories). On PBS it is Lydia.
  2. Unless the rules specify that the recipe has to be original, you can get it from any source. I usually use a recipe I've found from a book on the internet as my jumping off point, and tweak from there. I spend the year testing and remaking until I've come up with a version that I think is damn good. TJ and my co-workers and family don't seem to mind being my taste testers!
  3. Hi there...I am MrsTJ. I had no idea he posted this here! I just wanted to say thanks all! Competitive baking has become quite an addiction. I do love those blue ribbons! (Though you do win a little bit of money, too). I do want to mention that the chocolate cake was a dark chocolate cake. I used special cocoa purchased from King Arthur Flour's site--a mix of regular dutch process cocoa and black cocoa. The icing was a chocolate sour cream icing. It gives it such a perfect tang. Thanks again, everybody!
  4. I have to agree with you. I grew up in PA Dutch country where pickled beets and red beet eggs were prevalent. I still love both!
  5. Ah--learn something new everyday! I thought tamale was singular and tamales plural. I guess I just Americanized the word. I still think that perhaps the more well-known word, tamale, would have been helpful here.
  6. The Restaurant Issue of Bon Appetit (Top 5 dining cities issue) was mentioned in another thread. Also in that issue was an article about Vetri. It sounded pretty amazing. The chef there beat out four of our own DC chefs for a James Beard Award (Best Chef-Mid--Atlantic). They made it out to possibly be the best Italian restaurant in the U.S. http://www.vetriristorante.com/ So, has anybody been? Is it worth a two-hour drive? Do tell!
  7. Ah--I was assuming most posters here were from the DC area. I should have elaborated. The Laurel Meat Market is on Main Street in Laurel, MD.
  8. Had an excellent meal at Mendocino Grill on Saturday evening. The chicken liver pate was outstanding, as was the grouper with a corn flan (or was it corn panna cotta? I can't remember). The heirloom tomato salad was so perfect for a warm summer night. And Mendocino continues to have one of the more reasonable mark-ups on wine in the city. We enjoyed a 2002 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir. It wasn't quite the right temp when served, but our server was so nice about chilling it down for us. Now, I just have to mention a humorous moment with our server. He was describing that evening's specials. The appetizer special that evening was a tamal, he said. Tamal? I'd never heard of that--what is it? Well, it is corn meal baked in a corn husk and topped with creme fraiche... Oh! You mean a tamale!!! So, Chef Trautmann, if you didn't sell too many tamale appetizer specials that evening, mispronunciation may be the cause!!
  9. Just wanted to start a thread that can be a shopping reference for meatatarians. Me, I use Laurel Meat Market. Gotta love a butcher shop with a big cow out front. The meat is top notch, though the rest of the store could use upgrades. They can get you anything you want, if you call in advance. Most of their meats come from PA Dutch country. Where else to get great meat?
  10. I have to say, it is very heartening to see people canning and preserving. YAY! I have judged canning entries at fairs (I doubt I should say which ones) and though entries are down, the quality of what is entered is usually top notch. So--have any of you put your chutneys and jams into a fair? How did you do? And if you haven't, why not? Like I said, entries are down, and nothing makes you feel as good as a blue ribbon hanging in your kitchen! Now, another question for you all. Water bath or pressure canning? Thanks guys!
  11. I took a canning and preserving class at L'Academie several years ago. The book the teacher (sorry, I cannot remember her name!!) recommended has been invaluable: Preserving Summer's Bounty, edited by Susan McClure. It isn't just about canning, but also about freezing and drying. Very handy.
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