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  1. There are two offerings on Mintwood Place's entree menu that are less than $24 excluding burger/sandwich options: tagliatelle bolognese for $22 and the five grain risotto for $21. Here's the link for the online menu: http://mintwoodplace.com/main.html Great points of conversation by the way addressing "local/neighborhood" restaurants.
  2. I am responding on behalf of Cedric. These are his words he asked me to post: "The price change is true. I decided to run the item as a profit item versus a break-even item on the menu. Gadarene for two bucks extra you are helping Mintwood Place stay in business a little longer. Thank you for your support.- Yours truly Cedric"
  3. Tujague, I thank you very much for choosing to dine out at Mintwood especially on a holiday such as Thanksgiving. I appreciate you spending the time to write a review of your experiences at the restaurant on a place like DonRockwell.com. It is a forum of opinions that we believe are very valid and trustworthy a large percentage of the time. I apologize profusely that your experience at Mintwood Place and specifically that the turkey was not at the caliber it should have been. That is not typical nor what the chef and the staff at Mintwood Place want to serve. I wish that one of the managers, the chef or I was made aware or noticed the situation at your table. It is something that we would have been able to correct on the spot with a new dish. There are items that get finished with fleur de sel and others that are not. I suspect that your plate received fleur de sel when it was not warranted since it was previously brined. Cedric apologizes again for that and has talked to the staff so that this occurrence can be prevented from happening in the future. As a team we only grow from the insights and critical feedback from our guests. I truly appreciate you taking the time to make us aware of the situation. There is only one opportunity to make a great first impression but I hope you will give us another chance. If you do decide to, please let me know so that I may ensure you experience Mintwood Place as we intend it. Deepest Regards, Neill Blackwood General Manager Mintwood Place
  4. Mr. Weinstein, First, let me say thank you for visiting Mintwood 5 or 6 times since the opening. I appreciate your comments about the food. I am glad you enjoyed the tomato soup special. Was is the tomato pistou soup or the gazpacho that you enjoyed? Addressing the service behind the bar. There have been service issues in the bar until most recently and I truly apologize that yourself and any other guest had to endure less than stellar service. Unfortunately, the time it took to find amicable solutions was longer than the situation warranted. I agree with you that glasses should never be used to scoop ice period. I also agree that bottles should not live, be chilled or stored in potable ice, nor do I agree that olive brine for cocktails should be from the garnishing trays. I have personally addressed these issues with the bar and service staff. I have implemented squeeze bottles for olive brine and spoons/tweezers for appropriate garnishing. I again truly apologize for any grievances suffered at the hand of any Mintwood Place. Next time you find yourself in town from New York please stop in and say hi to the new bar staff and myself. I will repeat myself in saying "The team and I appreciate all feedback so that we may continually improve the restaurant experience." The only way we grow as a restaurant is to continue to learn from our mistakes, listen to our guests and employees, and continually strive to improve. I appreciate you taking the time to make comments about Mintwood. Thank you. Cheers, Neill Blackwood Mintwood Place
  5. Waitman, In the mindset of discussion not argument, I am interested which dish you tasted first the Lamb Tagine or the Dorade? The wine list at Mintwood Place is currently made up of roughly 40 out of 100 wines priced under $50. Was your question intended to state that there were no wines you wished to enjoy on the list under $50? And if so, what areas do you feel warrant more attention at the under $50 level for the list at Mintwood Place? The list at Mintwood Place is continually evolving as well as the menu. The team and I appreciate all feedback so that we may continually improve the restaurant experience. Cheers, Neill
  6. In addition to the food and cocktails being offered on Bastille Day, Mintwood Place will also be offering 15% off on all bottles of French wine. Cheers!!!
  7. Join Mintwood Place to celebrate Bastille Day with us on July 13th - July 15th. In addition to French foods already included on the menu like flammekueche and steak frites, Chef Cedric Maupillier and team will also be featuring items like: gougeres, warm Proven├žal quiche, country pate, soupe au pistou, frisee salade au lardon, moule mariniere, French cheese plate, chocolat mousse, and peach melba vacherin. We will also be offering French wines and French handcrafted cocktails like the Rose: dry vermouth, kirschwasser, Chambord and brandied cherries. We hope to see you at Mintwood Place on July 13th-15th to celebrate Bastille day with us. Make your reservations now!
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