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Amalia's Cantina Seafood, Richmond Hwy in South Alexandria - Closed

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(Waiting for a thread split....)

Is this the same ownership as the Kyoto that's on Richmond Highway? What were the prices like?

I don't think they're related but can't state that categorically. I've never been in the one on Richmond Hwy. As a matter of fact, I don't know anyone who's been in the Richmond Hwy one.

[goldenticket, better late than never on the thread split. :P]

Escoffier won't ever get the chance to know someone who's been to the nasty-looking Kyoto on Richmond Highway - it closed several months ago, and has now reopened as Amalia's Cantina Seafood Restaurant. I poked my head in the door yesterday and peeked at a menu, and all I have to say is ... at least they're cooking their frozen seafood; I cannot imagine what Kyoto's sushi must have been like.

Whoever dines at Amalia's and writes an honest-to-goodness review of the place gets $5 - I'll send it to them in the mail.

It sure isn't gonna be me.



P.S. Two of the lights were burned out on the side of the BatesVirginia Hotel right next door, and the sign said "Virgin Hotel."

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