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Crossfire, Burgers in Bethesda - Closed

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I went here today on the suggestion that this place had better burgers than Burger Joint (which is just a few blocks away).

Verdict --

Crossfire's french fries (I had the normal fries) are superior to Burger Joint's fries

Crossfire's burgers pale in comparison to Burger Joint's burgers.

I opted for the double bacon cheeseburger with mayo, ketchup, fried onions and mushrooms. Not nearly enough ketchup was provided, too much mayo, too much cheese (and I love cheese), not nearly enough bacon or mushrooms and the onions were barely sauteed diced onions. Add these mis-steps to the horribly overcooked burger (no option to request burger made to, say, medium rare) and I was quite disappointed.


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Working in the area I find crossfire's fries are almost my favorite despite the stink of the place - don't stay to long or you will smell like grease. I prefer them to most other Bethesda restaurants other than Houston's fries. They are sort of limp when fried but have a good flavor and appear to be only treated with oil and salt. My opinion of the burger is that doesn't taste bad, but really un-noticeable. For that reason I always eat a large fry and only the base burger.

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