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Little Ethiopia Restaurant, 9th and U Street NW in Little Ethiopia - Closed

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Last night, MBK and I attended an Ethiopian cooking class at this new restaurant just a few doors down from Etete (1924 9th St, NW). They have only been open for 3 months. It was a fun night organized through the International Club of DC. All of the restaurant employees were as lovely as you could imagine - very friendly and hospitable.

More importantly, however, the food was wonderful. After the cooking demonstration they served us full platters of a variety of vegetarian dishes and a couple of meat dishes. Everything was delicious. Etete had been my favorite since I tried it a over 2 years ago, but I think that next time I am going to give Little Ethiopia a try. My favorite dish was the beets and I hope they have that on their vegetarian platter.

The decor is very traditional. The woman who hosted the event (the owner?) explained that everything in the restaurant was straight from Ethiopia and that they wanted people to feel like they had gone to Ethiopia without buying a plane ticket.

I urge you to give this place a try. I don't know how they'd do with a large group, but perhaps a $20 Tuesday is in order.

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Mrs. B and I ate there with a friend who lives in the neighborhood and has ties to the Ethiopian community. As much as we wanted to like the place we found it welcoming but pretty run-of-the mill. Mildly spiced, the same menu as other places and so on.

Friendly service and we really enjoyed the music, but the food was pretty "meh."

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I loved this place. Note the past tense.

We tried to go for dinner on Saturday of Presidents' Day weekend, only to find that it had closed and this was opening night for a new central/west African place. (Or, as the gentlemen hangin around the tables told us, "More jungle food.")

We then tried to go to Madjet, hoping that the closing we had heard about hadn't happened yet. It has.

We ended up having a very nice dinner at Etete.

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Really? Exciting! Did you get the name?

Yes. I then promptly forgot it. However, there is a banner hanging on the railing with the name of the place, so next time I go that way I will attempt to notice and remember it.

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