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  1. Are you referring to White Duck Taco, by chance? Jianna is definitely one of our better restaurants. Glad you liked it.
  2. Tanpopo has apparently reopened after the renovation. It has been a while since our last visit around a year ago (since we now live in Greenville, SC). We decided to stop by for lunch on our way out of town. The menu is quite different than before, and I'm not a fan of the changes. We didn't really care for the sushi today, but the ramen was still excellent. Just a quick review as we are continuing our 3-week trip up to New England.
  3. Hi all! I've been living in Greenville for 8 months now and love it. We are doing our best to check out all of the local restaurants. It has really become a great foodie spot. Just wanted to offer advice to anyone who might be visiting. Post here if you're looking for recommendations and I will do my best to respond. FYI, the aforementioned High Cotton isn't around any longer. Some of my favorite places include Soby's (especially their Sunday brunch), Larkins on the River, Bacon Brothers, Biscuit Head, Mekong, American Grocery, Sidewall Pizza, Smoke on the Water and Henry's Smokehouse. There are many other good places. Come for a visit!
  4. While driving down Columbia Pike today I noticed that Maruko is no more. The place is shuttered and the signs are gone. Sad to see this place go but I had not been there in quite a while.
  5. Big change to report. Caribbean Plate is under new ownership. The new owner is the Muffin Man from Maryland (La Plata? Lanham?). ( He was very nice.) The menu is totally different - more Jamaican offerings. No more saltenas. No more black bean soup. The owner said he plans to add his famous muffins to the menu,
  6. I dined at the new Dama location in Annandale earlier this week. I was really happy that they were opening, although I am quite content with Enat just down the road. Unfortunately, although the service was good the food was not. Everything was extremely salty and the injera was served cold. I wanted to love this place but I doubt I will be back to give it another try unless you all convince me it has improved. FWIW, I ordered the vegetarian platter and every dish except for the salad was both salty and overly-pureed. Oh well. It was worth a try.
  7. They have them at Wegmans. My real estate agent had me pick them up for her. They were in the case with the hot dogs, not in the deli case or the case with the hot dogs across from the deli case. It was confusing.
  8. We have been taking our now 2.5 year old here since he was a baby. It really depends on what the little guy likes/will eat. We like to stick to the Szechuan menu but there is no reason you couldn't order him something from the American-Chinese menu. If you want him to eat what you eat, off the top of my head, I would think he might enjoy the Chengdu Zhongs dumplings or the Yang Zhou (sp?) fried rice (made with house-made bacon/pork belly). Another not-too-spicy option is the Salt and Pepper Shrimp.My little guy now eats the stuffed pepper chicken (on the specials board in Chinese) which the waitstaff finds highly entertaining. Enjoy!
  9. Heads up! Etete is featuring a deal of Groupon right now.
  10. We have our milk, eggs and meat delivered from South Mountain. They run a good business. We will have to check out the farm some time.
  11. The little guy (almost two year old) and I checked this place out last night. I haven't decided yet if I love it or not but it was definitely good enough to try again. I ordered two items off the "Street Food" part of the menu. The Crab and Noodle dish was exactly that. The crab was shredded very finely, which made me think it was the cheaper stuff versus lump crab. It didn't have much flavor but it was nice with the noodles. The noodles (thin, spaghetti-like)were good and seemed fresh. The roast pork was flavorful. I opted for the dry version and would like to try the soup version next time to see if it has a bit more flavor. I would order it again, though. It was a good dish. The Roasted Duck Over Rice was also good, but not high on the flavor scale. They serve both sauces on the side and neither of them blew me away. I liked the pickled ginger part of the dish. Again, a very good, fresh dish but not outstanding. I'm looking forward to trying other items on the menu but I am not rushing back. The service was good (and very good with my son) and I loved the modern design of the place. Not what you expect from the outside.
  12. I was on my elimination diet for 10 months, though I was only dairy and soy free. As I stated in my opening post, I am a big fan of Ceiba. I was so impressed with the waiter there (I ate there numerous times). He knew every possible allergen and really worked with me to help create meals I could eat. I imagine they are all trained as well. Hamilton was also good - I called ahead and spoke to a chef there. I don't know if you're avoiding soybean oil, like I was, but that is what they use in their fryers (like most restaurants), so keep that in mind. Another idea is sushi. You can go pretty straight forward with nigiri and sashimi if you are okay with fish and rice. I like Kaz Sushi Bistro, personally. For more casual meals, I was extremely impressed with Teasim. The manager (Penn Quarter) I spoke to was extremely conscientious and helpful. I called ahead and knew exactly what I could eat. Also, if you find yourself in the VA burbs, check out Pizzeria Orso. They were amazingly accommodating. They make pretty much everything in house, from breads to dressings, so you don't have to worry about hidden ingredients. Yes, I know pizza implies dairy, but they have a lot of other choices other than pizza, and even have a tasty no-cheese pizza.
  13. I have two words for you: maple bacon. Wow! I had a coupon for a free donut so I stopped by. So glad I did. I think this may become a regular Friday treat. It was worth every calorie and gram of fat (I say this having no idea how much of either it has and I have no desire to know). The donut was light and airy. It was perfectly glazed and the right amount of sweet. The bacon was a little "chunky" for me but I'm not complaining. I took a picture which I'd be happy to post if I knew how.
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