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Takeout Taxi, Restaurant Delivery Service - Closed and Acquired by BiteSquad


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Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce our company and myself to this great community! My name is Luis Saavedra and am the general manager for Takeout Taxi in Montgomery County and Upper NW DC. We deliver freshly prepared meals from more than 150 restaurant partners in the area. Anyone can find out a little bit more about our company at http://www.MealsToYou.com.

Any comments, questions and/or feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Don Rockwell for the opportunity to participate.


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I placed an order with your business at 6:45 tonight, and when I called because it hadn't shown up at 8:15 I was told that the person I had confirmed my order with failed to put it through and nothing had been done.

Certainly won't use your service again.

Hangry, adj - characterized by frustrated anger resulting from extreme hunger and the corresponding inability to overcome same.

How was that bag of stale chips you had in your cupboard? :lol:

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