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Chutny, Afghan in Springfield - In Brookfield Plaza Center off Backlick Road - Closed

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And if you want to hike down Backlick over the Old Keene Mill overpass, Aabshaar is the best Pakistani food in the area.

Just as well add Chutny to that list. Afghanistan food in the right rear corner of the shopping center across from Delia's. Hmm, sounds like it's time for a Springfield Food Tour..

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Did this ever happen? I'd love to know!

(following Don's edict to quintuple space). I've gone to Chutny a number of times, albeit for lunch when they have a buffet. The food (for a buffet) has been quite good. Most dishes are spicy but in a nice way. Don't expect to find pork but you will find chicken and lamb and goat and potatoes with peppers that are addictive. The naan is excellent and brought to the table directly from the tandoor. Desserts (at lunch) are limited to what appears to be a rice pudding and a custardy something with carrots that is great. Sorry this isn't more descriptive but you can eat lunch at Chutny and get out of there for around $8 or $9. I have never left hungry and I've always been satisfied. I think it would make a good site for a $20 Tuesday and I mentioned this to the owner one day and he was quite agreeable. Unfortunately, I now work in downtown DC so I don't get a chance to get there anymore. It's definitely missed.

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Chutny is now closed, adding to the long list of changes and renovations to Brookfield Plaza in Springfield (more on that to follow in the future....)

In its place is Mehran Kabob, "the best Pakistani and Indian restaurant in Washington DC" according to its Website. Somewhat confusingly, the Website locates them at 2138 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. Their takeout menu has them at 23070 Oak Grove Road, #125, in Sterling. And I picked up that menu at their location in in Brookfield Plaza, Springfield.

The menu has a lot of the same items as Karahi Kabob straight across Brookfield Plaza, but I definitely want to try the "brain masala" and a few of the kabobs and karahis.

Hilal -- no alcohol! Or no Alc-hilal...?

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