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Something Sweet, Cathedral Heights, Operated by the Owners of Jettie's - Closed

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If one were going to open a cupcake and ice cream joint in DC, could there be a better location than the same block as 2Amy's and Cactus Cantina? Carved out of what used to be half of an antiques store on Macomb St., Something Sweet is the latest contestant in DC's cupcake pageant. It's brought to you by the same people behind Jetties in Foxhall and the still-humming-along Surfside in Glover Park. In addition to the cupcakes, they also serve ice cream, though I only tried the cupcakes yesterday.

Given their location, Something Sweet could probably serve turdballs as their cupcakes and still succeed with the hordes of young children dining on that block (whose parents don't realize that there's more to 2Amy's than the pizza). Luckily, they are not actually serving turdballs, but the cupcakes are unfortunately disappointing. We tried a variety pack ranging from carrot cake to mint chocolate (the special of the day on Saturday) to plain old vanilla to chocolate-on-chocolate. The cake ranged from dry (vanilla) to gummy (carrot cake) with none of them hitting exactly the right note. The icings were consistently underflavored or just poorly flavored. If you're going to charge $3 for a cupcake--roughly the going rate in the high-end DC cupcake market--I think it should be better than this. If I pay $3 for a cupcake from Baked and Wired or Georgetown Cupcake, at least I feel like I'm getting a good product.

As I said, we didn't try the ice cream, and that seemed to be more popular on this day. In particular, a gaggle of teenage girls was taken with Something Sweet's version of the chipwich--a choice of ice cream flavors slathered between two large chocolate chip cookies. I'll have to go back to see if the ice cream and cookies deliver something more satisfying than the cupcakes.

Something Sweet is still new, so we'll certainly be back. I'm a fan of both Jetties and Surfside, so I'm hopeful that they'll get this shop headed in the direction. I just hope they don't take their built-in market for granted.

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Stopped by after an impromptu Easter meal at 2 Amys.

While I'm not really on board with this whole "cupcake craze", I thought the Carrot Cake cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting was well done. The cake was quite moist with finely grated carrot and diced apples standing out in each bite. The frosting actually had a nice tart cream cheese taste to it, as opposed to being cloyingly sweet as I find cream cheese frosting to be sometimes. The girlfriend had an ice cream sandwich that was, in a word, gigantic. This easily could be split between two people...the bite I had was good, but unremarkable.

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Noticed on the way home that there was a "Jetties Express" sign in the window. Stopped in and they have what looked like the majority of Jetties sandwich / salad menu available there in addition to all the ice cream / cakes / cupcakes. Had an "Altar Rock" salad - roast turkey, bacon, blue cheese, chick peas, and cherry tomatoes over greens with a side of ranch that hit the spot.

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Jettie's appears to have relinquished Something Sweet's space (it was right next door to it).

[A pass is being made through the entire DC Dining Guide, so we're ferreting out places that might have closed awhile back, and getting everything up to date (including websites, Twitter accounts, and Google maps.)]

Interestingly, Google maps still shows Something Sweet is there if you Google the address, 3706 Macomb St. NW

Well, anyway, this is what it looked like: :)

Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 23.04.38.png

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