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Kanpai Sushi, Carryout in Glen Echo - Sashimi and Sushi from the Owners of Tako Grill

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I don't spend a lot on sushi- some rolls, maybe a few nigiri- and almost always take-out.. so you can take that as you will. but I think that Tako is definitely the superior sushi restaurant in Bethesda. I've had wonderful tuna.. salmon. I think the quality has always been higher than Matuba. For cheap eats sushi- I also really like Hinata. but that's take-out only and closes at 7.

The same guys that own tako, own the small sushi carryout in the shoppes at glen echo (goldsboro at macarthur blvd) its awesome, inexpensive and cool. No seating , just carryout. (Little industry secret, this is where the top caterers get their sushi from)

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^ Everyone should listen to Mr. Bucher. This is a wonderful little joint (http://www.kanpaisushi.com/), with some nice sushi-grade options cut straight from the fish, iirc, if you wish to make sashimi or nigiri at home.

I stumbled upon this little gem after seeing Hinata was closed for summer vacation, late two Saturday afternoons ago. I kept the order simple: 1 fresh crab California Roll and an order of 5pc pick your own sashimi (2 salmon, 1 tuna, and 2 yellowtail). My stomach didn't feel upset or overly heavy, which was nice, meaning the fish is fresh. The sashimi had a nice, clean taste to it. I think my tab was $18, after the sashimi, maki roll, and a daifuku (can't resist mochi), which wasn't bad for the value.

It is really hidden! In the shopping center right next to True Value, I think. I also think I might have to order take out again this weekend....

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