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Ray Lewis' Full Moon Barbecue, Canton - CLOSED

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I thought that name looked familiar! We keep our boat at the marina behind his restaurant. I haven't tried it, anyone else have? It seems pretty busy though! Personally I love eating lunch (or drinking it at times) at the wine bar and store across the street, Chesapeake WIne!

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We were there last Saturday to catch the games. A non-smoking sports bar in Baltimore! What a treat just for that. Service was great. By the time we left, the place was packed. We had a late lunch, (Matthews Pizza), so we skipped eating there, so I can't report on the food. Although all of Baltimore is going non-smoking next year, we found a few places that are currently that way - Matthews Pizza, Peter Inn, and -shock- Bertha's, where we went to catch a band after dinner.

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