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Natta Thai, 153 Glyndon St. SE in Vienna

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Went there for lunch today. In my prior experiences, Natta is no better than its Tysons/Vienna Thai neighbors (Tara, Busara, Pilin, Neisha, etc.) and it still isn't. Two simple dishes ($6.99 each lunch portions) Tofu w/ Chili & Basil and Spicy Garden (mixed vegetable stir-fried with chili and basil) came on big plates but with small portions, neither had the full fragrance of basil and tasted as sweet as they were spicy. How small are the portions? I finished both plates easily with half a bowl of rice.

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40 minutes ago, Ericandblueboy said:

 Not better than Busara, Thai Pilin, Pasa, Neisha, etc. it’s good but nothing special. 

Hmm, I think some of these places you listed are just plain awful  (Neisha and Busara in particular) - not that it matters, but I know some ethnic Thai who frequent Natta Thai with great enthusiasm. I've only been a couple of times, and found it very homestyle in nature, not at all sugared down - that said, it has been many years since I've been (this thread doesn't even have any tags on it!)

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