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Molecular Gastronomy


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Does anyone know of a store (not the Internet) where I can pick up molecular gastronomy stuff like agar in quantities for the home kitchen? We've mastered gummies and are ready to move on.

Balducci's might sell agar. Bob's Red Mill packages xanthan gum--it's like $10 or $11 a bag. You can probably find that at a Whole Foods. Maybe they have agar, as well.

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Super H has Telephone Brand Agar in little pouches, and there's probably a couple of tablespoons in each pouch. It's on the top left corner of the aisle across from all the sauces.

Edited to say - this is the powder. In my experience, about a teaspoon gels a cup of liquid to a gelatin-like consistency.

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Is it the same agar they use to incubate bacteria samples? Maybe from a science or chemical supply outfit?

Probably a lot cheaper than what's marketed for cooking.

The stuff from Fisher scientific is ~$60 for 500g.

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That is if you are going for the cheap stuff. I personally would not stand for anything less than the best for my bacteria, so I would go with the Fischer brand, a steal at just less than $300 per 500g.

It's like how you can get a tiny bottle of nasal irrigation saline for $9, a giant bottle of eyewash saline for $2, or mix salt, baking soda, and water for pennies.

People will buy anything if you market it right.

Because people are dumb.

Dumb as a door jam.

Mmmm... jam....

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