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Asparagus Pee: Fact or Fiction?


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We will be featuring an Asparagus menu including amazing wild domestic Asparagus from Oregon and local Asparagus from Spring Valley of West Virginia. Some WV ramps will show up too! 4 courses with 5 asparagus dishes plus dessert for $39 starting tomorrow till the wild asparagus run out!

While this menu sounds delicious, I would not want to be in the bathroom at Dino's on that night! A restaurant-worth of asparagus pee. Not pleasant.

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Actually, not everyone carries the gene for this phenomenon.

Funny, I just learned this a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was universal before that. Apparently, I'm a mutant because I can't even stand to be in the bathroom with myself on asparagus night. Usually, I forget to be ready for the smell and get freaked out that I've got some fecal organism causing a UTI. You'd think I'd learn.

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I thought it was universal, too.

When it is beet season and I overindulge.....there's an interesting color to the er, urine. lol

Funny, I recently learned that wasn't universal, too! Some people can metabolize the pigment better than others. Apparently, I'm a mutant there, also. If asparagus pee is frightening, what about peeing red?! Freaked me out the first time it happened to me. I've heard of people that go to the hospital for red urine or red stool only to find out it's due to the beets they had the night before. I've seen a canine patient for the same thing; Mom fed him some beets the night before. His urine looked like mine.

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