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Frisco Family Pub, Pizza and Steamed Crabs in Carroll Plaza Shopping Center at 10 Carroll Street in Westminster - Closed

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So just to state my loyalties, I am friends with the daughter of the owner's of Frisco Family Pub, she went to college with me.

This is a family owned and operated place. It is in a rather uninteresting location in Westminster, MD, that being said, it has some really good things. You can get fresh steamed crabs that are very fresh and tasty with specials on certain days I believe. They hand pick crabs for the meat in their crabcakes which are reliably good. They have soft-shells in season. They have other seafood, as well.

I know they used to have all you can eat spaghetti on certain nights which was a great carb load when I was on the tennis and ultimate frisbee team and their meat sauce was good, not homemade noodles, but dried spaghetti, made to order, with good sauce with your typical texas toast style garlic bread. There is a brick pizza oven up front and their pizza is certainly better than a lot of the options up there, fresh dough, with different crust options. All in all, the decor is lacking, but the food is solid, and crabs and crabcakes are excellent. You would never guess the potential of this place from the road. Lots of other things on the menu too.


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