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Baltimore Magazine's Best Restaurants 2012

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I noticed a copy of Baltimore Magazine indicating this issue announced the top restaurants in Baltimore and took a quick look while in line at the grocery store. I figured I could read the whole article online, but alas they are forcing you to buy it. Here's their sneak peek:


Does anyone have a copy that would be willing to post the top 10? I was happy to see a few of my favorites on there - Charleston was at #1, Woodberry Kitchen was quite high on the list, Bluegrass Tavern was further down. The Black Olive not surprisingly was included, as well as Prime Rib & Cinghiale. Those are the one I can remember off of the top of my head. Jack's was somewhere in the list, although not in the top 10 I believe.

I was also happy to see Wit & Wisdom on the "up and coming" list. Next year I expect it to be solidly in the top 10 if not one of the highest ranked.

Anyway, would love if someone could post the rest and would love to hear what people think of the rankings. I think I'm going to make getting to the rest on the list that I haven't been to a short term goal. Shouldn't be too difficult. :)

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I just stole this from someone else so I'm assuming its accurate, just copied and pasted everything and leaving it below. The pretentious comment kinda made me chuckle.

1) Charleston

2) The Prime Rib

3) Woodberry Kitchen

4) The Black Olive

5) Cinghiale

6) Antrim 1844

7) Aldo's

8) Blue Hill Tavern

9) Pazo

10) The Oregon Grille

Then they have a Best of the Rest listed alphabetically, here's a sampling of the listing: Bluegrass Tavern, Brewer's Art, The Capital Grille, The Dogwood, B&O American Brasserie, The Helmand, Kali's Court, Jack's Bistro, The Oceanaire, The Milton Inn, Peter's Inn, Roy's, Salt, Sotto Sopra, Tio Pepe.

Rising Stars:

Bond Street Social, Chazz: A Bronx Original, Corner BYOB, Demi, The Olive Room, Phillips (at their new venue), Ten Ten, Thames Street Oyster House, Waterfront Kitchen, Wit & Wisdom: A Tavern By Michael Mina (what a pretentious name that is).

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Gah! I am constantly confusing Blue Hill and Bluegrass Taverns. Both are good, but I believe Bluegrass is better (although that is only based on one visit each). Thanks for posting it!

Looks like I have 5 of the 10 still to visit. Who wants to join me? :D

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Unbelievable that the Chamelion Cafe isn't on this list.

They awarded them best farm to table restaurant in 2011 so I'm guessing it's on the list, just not the top 10 (they selected 45 restaurants in total, plus there's the short list of "rising stars").

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Any of these restaurants open for lunch or early dinner that one might try to fit in before a concert? We'll be at Ram's Head Live, and I don't know whether to try to fit a quick dinner in at 5, or just look for lunch somewhere. For example, we were thinking of maybe Black Olive for lunch as they are one of the few open.

Does anyone have another, or better, recommendation to go with?

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I haven't had a chance to visit, but I get the feeling Woodberry Kitchen would probably fit that bill, even if it does serve some patches of food that you can find in DC. This is based on member reviews in the thread, though.

Yep. I haven't been to a restaurant in DC that has such a focus on locally sourced food and does it so well. The selection of local seafood (including oysters if you're into that thing) is exceptional in and of itself. Add to that a very cool design and excellent cocktails and you have a winner in my book.

I would also say Wit & Wisom given that all of their entrees are cooked in some fashion in the wood oven, which is open to the restaurant. Food is excellent, and opposite the view of the wood oven is the gorgeous view of the harbor. This is a great time to visit and have a cocktail on the patio overlooking the water beforehand. Having said all of that, I was told recently that they changed their menu. It's not reflected in the menu posted online so I have no idea if it's true or not. It was told to me by another chef in Baltimore who frequents the restaurant though so I would think he would know.

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What would be a top restaurant in Baltimore that serves food not available in DC (or is much better than DC has to offer)?

I've never been, but there's a thread here about Corner BYOB, which offers exotic meats I haven't seen in DC. There's also Roy's for Hawaiian fusion (can't think of any in DC). Neither are in the top 10, but are listed in the Rising Stars and Best of the Rest, respectively.

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