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Shut Your Pie Hole, Pie Shop Coming To Georgetown - Not Opening

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So sayeth the City Paper:


The company, which is actually named Connecticut-Copperthite, once had a location at Wisconsin and Ohio (?) according to an old poster. The current owner is the great-great-grandson of the original owner. And for us Georgetown-averse types: "At some point in the future, Copperthite envisions a mobile phone app where customers can place "smart orders" and pick the desserts up at pie wagons near Metro stops around the city."

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They say in the article that the reaction to the name is a gen gap thing. Guess you are on the Old Fart side of the gap...it's just the jargon du minute. Like yelling SHUT UP when something is really rad (70s?) instead of saying "far out" (60s?) or "way cool"(90s?) or "that's sick"(00s?). I guess the idea is to really get attention and buzz. But it is pretty in-your-face.

As it happens, there is a place in LA called The Pie Hole as well as a pizza chain by that name out in Idaho. And another bakery in Rosewell, GA though really it should be in the other Roswell.

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Does anyone know the story with Shut Your Pie Hole?

Repeat: Does anyone know the story with Shut Your Pie Hole? They have a website (actually what seems to be two websites) and a Twitter account, but they've been radio silent for two years.

If you go to that second website and scroll down, you'll see that they're affiliated with (owners of?) a place in McLean called StarNut Gourmet. How did I not know this place existed? Or, *does* it exist? There's a phone number, and even a third website, but the website doesn't work, and I don't want to call at 9 PM in case it's a cell phone.

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