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Kosher Bakery inside Beltway

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um, yes. i am quite familiar with the use of search engines.

i did find that link but i didn't think krispy kreme would suit my purposes. everything else was either just bread or outside the beltway. it's hard to find out about the quality of these places from google. i posted on here just to see if anyone may know one off the top of their head. i am short on time so i thought it would be worth a shot. apologies to anyone who thought this post was not in the appropriate forum.

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Breads Unlimited on Arlington Road in Bethesda makes bagel, various challahs and Jewish rye breads, and rugelach, macaroons, etc. I'm not sure if they are strictly kosher or even if they bake cakes, but a call there to speak with a manager might be a place to start. If they don't fit the bill, they might know of a bakery that does.

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