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Bubby's, "Defending The American Table" in TriBeCa since 1990 (Dumbo Branch has Closed)

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A weekend in Tribeca yielded a new bevy of particularly good restaurants to add to our list. One such addition was Bubby's. It may look a bit gaudy from the outside, the name a tad low-brow for your style, but the peach "pop tart" may have been the highlight of my weekend in NYC. We brunched at Bubby's on labor day before taking off. It is a 24 hour diner/bar with a mix of traditional american foods and other interesting dishes thrown in.

They had a nice selection of fresh squeezed juices, house made lemonades and sodas. You could get cocktails or other items. I had fresh grapefruit juice, which really was fresh and delicious and Hubby had a watermelon lemonade. I know it was good because he didn't offer me a sip. You really should order the pastry basket if you are there for brunch, even if like us, you have to take some of it home. There was a peach "pop tart" which was really just a turnover. But their crust is phenomenal, it gave me an idea of what their pie must be like, and I am sure it is darn good! Warm and fresh, filling not overly sweet with perfect peaches, this is something I will remember. There was also a sticky bun, part bready and cinammon, part gooey and pull apart, and part almost toffee like with bits of chopped nuts, the sticky bun was really good too. The raspberry zucchini bread was moist and flavorful. I have a blueberry, corn muffin/scone at home waiting for me.

For an entree I had the avacado, spinach omlette. The breakfast potatoes served with the dish had a really good flavor, hash-likeness to them. And I liked the whole grain toast served. The omlette itself was light, well made, fluffy. It was a huge plate of food that I absolutely could not finish, but it was so good.

Hubby had the hash with house pit smoked bbq, must have been good as again, no bite offered, but he actually ate it all. It came on biscuits that looked really good too. I wish I had room for a slice of pie, they looked amazing, thank goodness for that turnover, really it was that good. I'm still thinking about it. I'd really like one right now. I might actually have to do some baking.

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Oh man it makes me sad just thinking about that pop tart and how many miles separate us... maybe I will bake this weekend.

Well, I think you might be *very* happy with the Pop Tart they sometimes have at Buzz Bakery in Clarendon. I didn't try it, but it looked great, and Matt said it was. Tiffany, if you're out there, could you chime in?

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Yep. They were closing down (already announced) and I think most everything (if not everything) was moved out. Then Sandy hit and it would have been wiped out anyway. They actually might have caught a break in the timing, although I'm not sure of this and probably shouldn't just put it out that way.

At any rate, the Dumbo space was huge and they were paying a lot for it. Although it was busy with brunch business, I never saw a crowd there for dinner (actually looked kind of empty most times) & the good reviews were basically all brunch. Cant make a living on only brunch I guess. Not to mention the fact that several very good new restaurants opened up within blocks of them this year (Almar & Governor come to mind), taking business & that parking ain't easy around there in the evening.

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Had another brunch at their Tribeca location.  Had a great pastry basket with a blueberry coffee cake that was warm and soft and filled with lots of perfectly ripe blueberries.  This time the pop tart was more like a pop tart, very good still.  Huevos Rancheros with eggs over easy that was a huge plate of food, but very good.  Green rice, black beans, great ranchero sauce.

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