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Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

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Don wrote in March 2012 on Dcdining.com that Bayou Bakery has one of the best pimento Cheese sandwiches in the area.

Does anyone know if this is still the case. And I mean, I am sure Bayou Bakery's is still good but, are there any new contenders?

Family Meal's is served as an appetizer, not a sandwich, but it's very good.

Green Pig Bistro serves theirs as fritters, and while it's not something I would think of as "pimento," it's close in spirit and worth trying.

As an aside, I was informed the other day that I am, to date, the only customer ever to ask about the literary allusion used in Green Pig Bistro's kale Caesar salad. Rather proud of that, I am.

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While I have not had the grilled pimento cheese sandwich at Cheesetique, I can report that Cheesetique is responsible for the best pimento cheese sandwich of my life. Buy a package of their store-made pimento cheese and a loaf of their rustic bread. Toast two slices and spread with the cheese. Amazing.

My wife and I went to a party where there was a contest for appetizers. She made pimento cheese balls, which were Cheesetique's pimento cheese rolled in crushed pecans. She won.

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