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Dining in BYOBs

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If you are looking for recommendations for BYOB's in Philly you might want to try:

"Bring Your Own ... BYOBs" by Mark Squires on marksquires.com



[in addition, the following are some lists of Philadelphia area BYOBs]

Ongoing Vote - "Best Philly BYOB" - phillyhotlist.cityvoter.com

Modified List - "Philadelphia BYOB Restaurants" - urbandaddy

Blog with BYOB Tabs - "Tagged BYOB" - philadelphia.foozbooz.com

Modified List - "BYOB - Philadelphia's Best" - Yelp.com

September 13, 2012 - "Top Philadelphia BYOB East of Broad Street" - centercityteam.com

March 10, 2009 - "The 114 Best Philadelphia Area BYOBs" - centercityonline.com (claimed to be updated regularly)

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Found out the hard way: BYOB = Cash only (in teeny, tiny type at the bottom of the page). :) The staff did, however, point us to the nearest ATM.

I think that's more the exception, not the rule. If you use Citysearch Philadelphia online, you can tell if a specific BYOB does not take credit cards.

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Going to be up in Philly in a couple of weeks and want some suggestions on some BYOBs that I should try.

I'm not up in Philly as much these days, but in looking online and talking with some people, Bistro 7, Mandoline, Melograno and Mercado seem to be getting the most buzz right now. Previously two of the best, Marigold and Django both sound like they are getting back on track after some ownership changes. We were just at Matyson on Saturday, and it's as great as ever. Pumpkin, Pif, and Porcini are worth checking out as well (what's with all these P's and M's?)

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Going to Philly the weekend of 2/20 - Vetri, 10 Arts, Le Bec Fin, and Bibou have no availability. Osteria is only available at 5 p.m. I made a reservation for Chifa but the menu doesn't really seem very appetizing - actually very little in terms of Peruvian or Chinese food. What else should I investigate, especially things that I can't find in DC?

I'd direct you to Koo Dee Zoo as I wrote above. I don't believe you can get Portuguese like this in the DC area, at least not a BYOB Portuguese place.

In fact, if you enjoy wine (or beer) with dinner, I'd suggest focusing on BYOB's for a great experience; take a couple of your favorite bottles with you when you go up to Philly.

In that vein, I'd also suggest Modo Mio.

I recommend that you check out Reading Terminal if you've not been yet, and get your roast pork fix at DiNic's (or sate whatever your hankering may be with a huge selection of foods).

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Going to Philly for the first time next weekend. Have always heard the city is full of good neighborhood spots where you can BYOB. Can someone please recommend some that are convenient to City Hall or otherwise?

I'm a little late on this, but in addition to Cochon, other BYOBs I like:

Matyson (always been great)



Bistro 7

Hear good things about a couple of newer ones: Fond and Bibou.

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I second hitting up some BYOBs as well, highlights being:

Matyson - I went there for an early New Years Eve dinner a couple of years ago, but I remember excellent, simple food.
L'Angelo - a very small Italian restaurant in South Philly. Their gnocchi was light, and the grilled octopus tender. This is a VERY neighborhood restaurant way down Broad street close to the stadium, but it's worth it. One of my favorite restaurants in Philadelphia.
Marigold's Kitchen - Never been, but it's on my list. Heard lots of good things about their "modern" cooking - doing the whole molecular gastronomy thing.

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