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Tria - Cafe, Taproom, and Winebars in Several Locations Throughout the City

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A friend of mine from California is working a gig up in Philadelphia this month & is craving an evening at a wine bar. Any recs? They're staying downtown in the heart of it all. Thanks.

I went up recently and really enjoyed Tria. Interesting wine list, great beers, and a nice casual atmosphere. We had dinner elsewhere and were unfortunately too full to try any of their food or cheese.

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Tria seconded. Depending on whether your friend is looking for busy noisy conviviality or a more relaxed experience, he/she can hit either the one at 18th & Sansom (busier) or 12th & Spruce (quieter).

We went the busier location yesterday for dinner. The Sunday School deal features a beer, wine, and cheese - all at half price (quantity limited to one of each per person). Our group of five went through a variety of wines, cheeses, beers, and dishes (including some of the salads and sandwiches).

There's no doubting the excellent selection here. The focus of Tria is the wine, beer, and cheese - and they succeed with these three. The food, on the other hand, is good to sometimes very good. I would say that local places like Proof and Bar Pilar beat them on this account.

Tria is an excellent place for a late night bite, or leisurely conversation with munchies (if you can stand the noise). I wouldn't call it a dining destination, though.

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Tria once again, and let me just say this, simple. menu, easy. Wine list, secure. Staff, there. Went on a 'mini-moon' for the night, stayed at 1715 Rittenhouse, walked 4 blocks to Tria, stayed for 3 hours, no hassle, no hustle. Just solid. And while no tvs in the place, Phillies on, place was packed by 615PM. No secret why.

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Tria – Also on 18th in the Rittenhouse area and a good spot to know about for an hour or so respite. This snug wine bar has an interesting wine and beer list and you can’t beat $4 brushettas (2 pieces) and the $10 Italian meat plate is a steal. We got there at 5pm on a Friday and it was slammed, by 6:30 there were spots open at the bar and several free tables.

Tria is still good for grazing of the wine/beer/cheese variety. Tria has a small half-price program on Sundays (one wine, one beer, and one cheese for half off) but probably you will be headed back to DC by then. Both locations open at 3 on Sunday.

In Rittenhouse, there's Tria Cafe; a wine, beer and cheese bar (how bad could that be?).

Cool places to grab a drink along with tasty bites included Cantina El Caballito and Royal Tavern in south Philly, Tria near Rittenhouse Square and Standard Tap in Northern Liberties.

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