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Dining in Conshohocken


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Is there anything good to eat in Conshohocken? I'm staying in downtown Philly next Tuesday night, but my Cheesecake Factory lovin' client lives out by KOP mall. I'd love to go armed with a simple-but-good suggestion. Italian, maybe Mexican or just a place with lots of meat.


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If you have a car head up to Ridge (pike or ave., I don't know, my family just calls it "The Ridge") and drive towards Philly. The next five miles or so have a mix of chain and local restaurants, sort of like Rockville Pike. There is an Outback on the left right after Chemical Road if you get desperate. About a mile or two past the Outback, in a little strip mall is a place called Pina's. It's a small, family run Italian place. This place is as homey Italian as you can get, complete with red checkered table cloths. Anything with clams is great. (Be careful if you go early-the place will be full of very old Jewish grandmothers sharing a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. :()

If your clients are looking for a "real" Philly experience and don't want to go all the way into the city, stay on Ridge until it breaks off into Henry Ave. Go about another 2 miles, maybe a little more, and you will find Delesandro's on the left, Chubbies on the right. Chubbies would be better only because they have seating. If you sit at the tiny counter at Delasandro's, Mrs. Delsandro will know more than you planned on sharing about your life :(. I recommend a pizza steak with provolone at either place.

Probably not what you are looking for but I hope it helps!

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Thank you! I will print this out when I go. I'll do anything to avoid Applebee's and similar abominations, but it's tough with my clientele.

I feel like I should be able to answer this, since most of my family is buried in Conshohocken blink.gif, but I don't get up to that area much anymore. You're right by the blue route there, so the whole Main Line is pretty well available, depending on how far you want to drive. Unfortunately, I can't think of any place along there to recommend, or, rather, the two places I can think of are in Paoli and Rosemont, and I haven't been to either in years. Gullifty's appears to have had a complete makeover. It used to be a fern bar back in the day, but it was just fine for what it was. I've been to Basil more recently, but it's still long enough that I can't give an unqualified recommendation that I would have given a few years ago. They may be too far out of your driving range, but I guess you can tell by mapping the addresses. They're not Mexican/Italian either.

The last time I was in that area (for a burial...) we ate lunch at the Marriott in Conshohocken. They had a decent buffet. I got something a la carte that was ok. I didn't really figure that's what you were interested in, but when I checked the web site for that Marriott, they listed other nearby restaurants as well

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For a little bit more fancy, seafood meal, you might want to try Blackfish. I actually just tried this restaurant this past Tuesday and it was good. The service was really great and it's also a BYO. This past Tuesday they had truffled hand-cut fries, which, imo, rivaled those at Poste (though, the ones at Blackfish were cut a bit thicker), which I thought were a steal at $6 for a side portion (which was really large). There are a few non-seafood items (which you can probably see on the online menu) as well. Also, if you didn't want to leave Conshochocken, this place is right on Fayette Street (which is one of the main roads in this town).

If you are in the cheesesteak mood, I have to agree with Hillvalley. These days, Chubby's beats Delessandro's hands down, and yes, if you're lucky, there are about 4 booths available if you can snag one. It's probably only a 15 minute drive from Conshohocken, depending on traffic of course.

I'll have to re-try Pina's. I haven't been there in like 15 years and from what I remember, it wasn't that great, but who knows - it's been a long time, and considering I live around the corner, I should probably check it out.

If I think of anything else in the area, I'll definitely post again before next Tuesday, because I'm always trying to find new places around this part of town!

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Here is TripAdvisor's list of the ten best restaurants in Conshohocken, seemingly pulled together in early 2017. I always find this type of list to be deplorable, often laughable, having some restaurants of merit, and some that are simply ridiculous. Feel free to comment as you wish.

Browsing through the list, I see several restaurants where I'd much rather go to a local ethnic restaurant, that nobody has ever heard of - Kabob, Thai, Indian ... I'll take my chances and explore.

I think this list is disgraceful.


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