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Growing a Pineapple - A Three Year Project Reaches Fruition


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I traded an apartment that got a lot of afternoon sun for another on the other side of the building that has a patio and gets morning/early afternoon sun. I couldn't do what you did--I can only grow shade-loving plants indoors. On the other hand, I congratulate you for your patience. It's amazing what us inner-city apartment dwellers can accommodate. Remind me to explain in great detail about my failure to grow a fig. :(

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Other things we have had success growing in our sunroom (although none of these have produced any fruit). Mostly all grown from pits and/or obtained at the grocery store:


Avocado (although after growing it for a couple years it did freak out and suddenly die...not sure why)


Meyer Lemon (From a tree in Calif.)

Olive tree (Again grew for several years and then freaked out and died)



Something that looks like pampas grass


Haven't had any luck growing:

All stone fruits (plums, peaches etc.)




All attempts at another olive tree

All other herbs (mint, cilantro, thyme, rosemary)

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Three years ago, I lopped off the top of a grocery store pineapple, trimmed off the remaining fruit and stuck the spiny top into a glass of water.  Several weeks later roots sprouted, so I planted the thing to see what would happen.

Fast forward three years to January 2013.  I was watering the pineapple plant one morning and saw the most curious thing...

This past weekend it was time to harvest.



So what does an a DC apartment grown pineapple taste like?  The best damn pineapple ever.  Super fragrant, a long lush pineapple flavor that washes over your tongue.  None of that harsh acid one gets with an unripe supermarket pineapple.  I suppose like most fruits and vegetable, one that is grown on plant and harvested at full ripeness just tastes better than one that has been picked early and shipped across the country.

I just recently discovered the "most liked" content button at lower right on the dr.com home page.  Well, discovered isn't really the word since I've known it was there but just hadn't ever clicked on it.  Some really great stuff there and Poivrot Farci's homage to Frank Ruta deserves it's #1 ranking.

But, as I scrolled down, I came to your post about this pineapple. Think it was 6th or 7th most liked--still very impressive.

Somehow, I'd missed this.  I took some time off from dr.com but that was more 2014 than 2013. Still, missed this for some reason.

LOVED IT.  There's something bigger and better about this post than the specific story.  It's a metaphor linkable to so many things. Renewal.  Tenacity.  Patience.  Serendipity. Surprise. Happiness. Accomplishment.  Hope. All great things. And perfect for a New Year.

Thank you.

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