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Sprig and Sprout, Wisconsin Avenue and Observatory Land in Glover Park - Good Vietnamese in a Pinch

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I couldn't find a thread for Sprig & Sprout up here in Glover Park, but I think it warrants one.

S&S is a fine addition to the Wisconsin Ave. strip of restaurants, and actually is putting out some pretty quality bowls of pho and vermicelli. The pho here is what I would characterize as pretty good in a pinch if I don't have time/the desire to go to Pho Viet or somewhere in the burbs. The beef is flavorful, the noodles nicely al dente, and most importantly, the broth is satisfying and lacks that cloying aftertaste the broth at cheap pho joints has.

Additionally, their vermicelli has become my go-to summer dish. Packed with really fresh veggies and a healthy dose of mint, the dish's refreshing coolness cuts through DC's classic humidity.

They apparently have a strong beer list, which is unusual for a Vietnamese place, and one day, when I have a bit more time to kill for dinner, I'll work through their beer list (has some favorites from Bell's, for example).

I'm happy with this addition to the neighborhood as it provides a nice, fresh option for lunch or dinner, and the space is as open and warm as the owners and staff.

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We went to check out Sprig & Sprout for dinner last night.  We tried the pork spring rolls, beef and broccoli, and beef stew (bo koh).  All the dishes were very fresh and flavorful.

They are now offering a supper club--the next one is May 26th.  On select Mondays, they close the upstairs dining room and offer a 7 course tasting menu for $45.  Sounds like a bargain for the variety of food offered.

They are also going to offer limited delivery service.

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